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[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 15:59
Complete carbon fiber airbox, 2lb 8oz


[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 16:00
Stock airbox 6lb 10oz, a 4lb 2oz difference in weight.




[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 16:01
EBR Battery 2lb 2oz vs. stock 11lb 6oz, a 9lb 4oz weight savings.


[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 16:48
I'll be changing the stock 8 piston for the previous generation 6 piston.

[Posts:  937 | Reputation:  20] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 16:49
What a great write up.  I can't wait to see the new numbers on it.
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 16:49
Stock fairing 2.10, race part 1.4 pounds, a 1.6 pound weight savings.




[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 16:51
The rods are complete! Waiting on the pistons and rings still. The heads are on their way to be ported as well as the cylinders are en-route to get bored.

I have my contact info for Cometic to get my gaskets. I have a call into ARP for head bolts. The next thing is cams, I have multiple calls into EBR with not a single return call so I'm going to contact a cam company I know that has already cut some Rotax cams.

Once I get the rods and pistons I can balance the rotating assembly and start assembling. I still lack an exhaust but have made some calls to see what I can come up with. While I know I need a good exhaust I'm not to worried about it as an off the shelf complete system will be better than what I currently have.
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 16:52
Received an email the other day that the rods and pistons are done. Now its time for me to split the cases and get the crank ready to balance. The heads and cylinders should be at their locations Monday. The cylinders are going to take 2 weeks according to Millenium and I'd guess the heads will take just as long if not longer.

I spoke with Dan from Crower Performance (Son of Crower Cams) today. He was excited to work on a drag bike project as to date it has all been street and road race stuff for him. I boxed my cam cores up and they are off to him tomorrow. Once he receives them he'll give me a call and we'll discuss what the 1250 will like cam wise.

It looks like I'm down to gaskets, seals, bearings etc. and head studs as far as the hard parts go. Assembly and tuning will be a joy. The local guys don't want to touch the race ECM so I may have to take a run to EBR in Wisconsin to get this thing tuned. It sure is a little hard to believe someone closer can't tune using the EBR Race tuner. The local guys want to install Power Commander crap, I don't think so!
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 16:53
I split the motor cases today as I needed the crank to send off for balancing.

Here are the new rods, pistons and crank ready to go for balancing.



[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 16:54
Look at the crap in the oil screen. I wonder how much was from the first time around and the dealer didn't clean it.

[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 16:55
Stuff everywhere!

Old rods and piston. The damaged piston Erik Buell signed for me and sits on my desk.


Pretty stout clutch assembly.
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 16:56
I'm keeping it moving.

The rotating assembly was dropped off for balancing this morning.

This afternoon I ordered my head gaskets from Ashley at Cometic. I had to go with copper gaskets due to the bore size as the multi layer gaskets didn't have enough room for the crush ring.

I was finally able to order some parts from EBR. I ordered a set of ARP head studs as they stock them.

Aside from assembly I'm down to ordering a race exhaust system.
[Posts:  1238 | Reputation:  65] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 20:22
Somebody go check on Puzzled, he hasn't updated this thread in over an hour. 
[Posts:  3565 | Reputation:  77] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 20:31
Lol nitto.

Look at that tummy!

Cool thread puzzled.
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 20:33

My cylinders came in today along with the ARP bolts and Buell gasket kit. I'll get some pics tomorrow of the cylinders. Millenium did a very nice job from the looks.
[Posts:  1323 | Reputation:  41] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Apr 2011 20:33   Last Edited By: 03Firebolt9R
Lmfao at Nitto. But I have been drinking.
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Apr 2011 09:35
The cylinders arrived from Millenium. They sure look like they do nice work. The cylinders were taken out to 4.275 which will net me a 1250 CC displacement.


[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Apr 2011 09:39
ARP head studs, nothing fancy to look at but an important piece to keeping it all together.

[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Apr 2011 09:48

The complete gasket kit is a Buell part number that I picked up from ST. Paul HD. The head gaskets are from Cometic. As you can see they are copper. I ordered two different sizes as I wasn't exactly sure what I will need. Since there is very little gasket surface from the cylinder to the cam chain chest I'm going to O-ring the heads to help insure the seal. Originally I was going to O-ring the cylinder however that would be cutting into an already thin wall. So the heads make more sense (my first drag car motor was done this way).





[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Apr 2011 09:53

I ordered the two 1125 specific tools listed on the EBR web site. One is a cam locking tool and the other is a crank locking tool. I also found a piston pin clip tool specific for the 1125 motor.



[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Apr 2011 09:58
Group pic!


Since the pic the piston pin clip tool arrived as well as the Barnett heavier clutch springs.
[Posts:  6237 | Reputation:  258] Moderator
[?]   Posted:  12 Apr 2011 10:12
Looks killer any plans for the ZTL2????
[Posts:  339 | Reputation:  8] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Apr 2011 10:16
Want to trade straight up for a 6 piston spare?
[Posts:  6237 | Reputation:  258] Moderator
[?]   Posted:  12 Apr 2011 10:28
He bought my 6 piston a while back
[Posts:  467 | Reputation:  6] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Apr 2011 11:16
I'm still waiting to see a pic of solid rocket boosters. :-)
It would be awesome to see this up against a vrod when its done.
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Apr 2011 20:45
As for the 8 piston I took off, I'm going to keep it for my street bike.

As for the front braking system, I will eventually get the Braking front rotor which weighs in at 2.36 pounds compared to the stock rotor at 3.2 pounds.

V-Rod hunh? What does a Destroyer run? I know of two 1125s' running 9.26 and 9.36 on stock motors, no bars, extended arms.
[Posts:  2003 | Reputation:  44] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Apr 2011 21:11
Gawd!!!  Do work!!! 
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  18 Apr 2011 16:48
Revolution has the Ti valves (42mm from 41.3mm Int & 35.4 from 35mm Exh), Beryllium Copper seats and Bronze guides in their hands so they can get the heads done.

I spoke with the machine shop balancing the rotating assembly and I "should" be able to pick it up on my way by their place tomorrow. The reciprocating weight will be 55% of the 100% rotating weight.

My exhaust has been ordered and should be in soon (coming from the UK.).
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  18 Apr 2011 17:24
The pipe I have ordered. It is a EBR Sidewinder full drag pipe with large diameter headers.



[Posts:  1721 | Reputation:  27] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  18 Apr 2011 18:28
those pipes look so sick. did they come with earplugs?

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