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[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  18 Apr 2011 19:27
those pipes look so sick. did they come with earplugs? 
According to the two different guys that have one of these pipes they said they are F-ing loud.
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  28 Apr 2011 06:20
Look at the crap inside of the cases!



[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  28 Apr 2011 06:24
With everything I found in the motor nothing made its way though the bearings.


The trans looks pretty robust.

[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  28 Apr 2011 06:27
I cleaned the cases with soap and water as well as a little bit of carb/brake clean.


[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  28 Apr 2011 06:33
So I get the cases cleaned and they are in front of the heater drying. I go to pick them up to run some air pressure over them and on the floor is a spring. Uh oh where did it come from? I spent and hour and a half trying to find where this spring came from. I did not want to proceed without knowing this as I didn't easily spot it in the manual or parts breakdown. Cleaning the cases must have removed the oil film holding the spring in and allowed it to drop out on the floor.

[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  28 Apr 2011 06:43
Rotating assembly! According to the shop that balanced the parts they said even with the new pistons and rods I could have run it "as is" as they were that close.


The rod bolts get torqued than turned 70*. So I marked my socket to show when I was at the required degree.



There are a couple of press in plugs in the stock crank that E B R suggested be pulled out and pipe plugs be installed. After the plugs came out there was some crap in the passages.


[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  28 Apr 2011 06:50
The crank installation is straight forward. Pay attention to crank orientation and which holes you have the rods in. While connecting the two case halves you have a few ends from the trans that have to get guided through some holes. A few taps from my hand and they fit right together. I ran the eight gazillion case bolts in with my 18 volt Dewalt and than torqued them from there.





[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  28 Apr 2011 06:55
I probably installed every gear at least 3 times before I got all of the parts in the right places as well as what sequance they go in.



[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  28 Apr 2011 06:57
The crank locking tool from earlier, a definitely must have tool.

[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 May 2011 22:08
The heads are done and were shipped today. I will O-Ring them when they get here and than I should be ready for final motor assembly.

42mm TI Intake valves
35.4MM TI Exhaust valves
Beryllium Copper Seats
Del West bronze guides
"Stage 3" port work
.010" milled surface

With a .032 head gasket I'm looking at 15.4 to 1 compression.
With a .043 head gasket I'm looking at 14.75 to 1 compression.

My valve to piston clearance will determine which head gasket I go with (silly puddy time).

Looks like I'm down to the pipe as far as parts go that I'm aware of. I'm sure there will be something I forgot along the way. I still have body work to sort out also.
[Posts:  968 | Reputation:  20] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  06 May 2011 00:49
Two complete bike build threads and the year isn't even half over yet?!?

No offense X but I'm not sure which one I like more lol
I'll be taking my 9R down the strip this weekend, woulda been last weekend but mother nature said no (rain). Kinda weird how I haven't yet seeing how I work at a drag strip.
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Jun 2011 16:50
I was finally able to get a few moments to work on the heads this morning. The objective was to add a receiver groove for an "O-ring" seal. The "O-ring" is simple MIG wire. Since the cylinder wall thickness is thin to start with the receiver groove will be cut in the head as opposed to the cylinder. By adding the "O-ring" this will help with sealing the cylinder to the head.

Here are a few shots of the heads after they came back from Revolution.



[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Jun 2011 16:51
Mating the cylinders to the heads to scribe the lines on the heads to mark where the cylinders sit.


[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Jun 2011 16:52
The lines on the heads to indicate where the cylinders sit.


[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Jun 2011 16:53
Making the cutting tool.....

[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Jun 2011 16:54
Setting the head and cutting tool up to find center.

[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Jun 2011 16:55
Once the head and cutting tool were set up next up was to locate where the "O-ring" groove was going to be cut. The gasket bore diameter, cylinder wall thickness, wire thickness and head gasket thickness all determined where and how deep the groove gets cut.




[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Jun 2011 16:57
All cut.


[Posts:  179 | Reputation: Unranked] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  12 Jun 2011 18:23
that is amazing i love seein stuff like this
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  14 Aug 2011 23:37
Well I finally got my street bike motor swap finished (installed a 2010 motor in my 08, dealer installed) so now I'll get back on this project. I robbed a few pieces from the build to get the street bike on the road. I'm getting anxious to get it together.
[Posts:  1369 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  15 Aug 2011 07:59
You wouldn't happen to have an '08 stator and rotor laying around you want to sell?
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  15 Aug 2011 12:00
LOL, no. I just installed my 08 stuff in my 2010 motor before it ever fired up.
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  29 Oct 2011 11:09
The weather has turned to snow here in N.E. PA. so now I'll get my butt back in the garage and finish up the project drag bike.

I have come across two affordable rebuilt/salvage bikes that I'm attempting to pick at least one of them up. I'd like to have a street-drag bike to goof around with along with my street and drag bikes. This would allow me to make a few changes to the current project bike and build a little more serious drag oriented bike while not goofing with my street bike. I missed a few rides with my street bike as I didn't feel like converting it back to street use. I'm looking to avoid that.
[Posts:  597 | Reputation:  8] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  29 Oct 2011 16:46
everybody keeps saying problems with the stator problems with the stator...did i get the only 09 that is not a lemon?
For the guy that just wants to ride the street...out of all the stuff youve done what would you say is the musts mods...besides the obvious answers exhaust ecm and air clearer?
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  29 Oct 2011 17:15
Heads ported, aftermarket cams, a head gasket change for a little more compression.
[Posts:  597 | Reputation:  8] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  29 Oct 2011 17:20
leads on sites for shopping?
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  29 Oct 2011 21:34
I started working on the fairing today in an attempt to get the XBRR style cold air intake to work. I have several hours into what seems like very little work. I have to make a piece to adapt the carbon fiber to the fairing. Since I have zero expierence with fiberglass I'll make it out of tin. Metal work I can do...

This is the area I have to fill in.





[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  29 Oct 2011 21:36
Third version of my paper template.



Now to transfer it to metal....

It is hard to see in the pictures the size of the scoop. I have close to 18 square inches of opening.
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  30 Oct 2011 15:56
I worked on the bike a little this morning. After cleaning the lift off which obviously had become a storage bench I was good to go. I started out with just setting the parts up and re-familiarizing myself with them. Next up was file fitting the rings. CP has me running the rings a little looser than the stock rings. I have a ring set which I have no idea where they go. I called Terry from CP and he stated they are a filler ring of sorts to go under the oil pack. The measurements didn't seem right however I'll go back out and double check. From there I'll call CP Tech tomorrow. I forgot that I have to assemble the heads also. So if I can't figure out the rings I'll start on the heads.






[Posts:  470 | Reputation:  11] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  31 Oct 2011 09:13
Looking good man those heads look awesome.

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