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[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  09 Nov 2011 09:40
Ok I got it figured out now. The mystery rings are for if the pin height protruded into the ring land, mine doesn't so I don't use them. I'm back on track now. I'm sitting here file fitting the second ring set and will call it a night once it is finished. I'd like to get back out this week and get the pistons attached to the rods and the cylinders down over the bolts.
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  09 Nov 2011 09:53
I now have the rings all file fitted and on the pistons. Next up was installing the pistons on the rods. I do have the piston clip installer but for the life of me I sure can't figure out how it is suppose to work. So I did it the old fashioned way, with my fingers and a small blade screw driver. 8, eight is the number of times I dropped one clip down in the motor before I developed a "system" to install the clips. I had intentions of installing the cylinders when I realized I don't have a ring compressor that will work on this bike. I ordered one that I should have here sometime next week.



[Posts:  4395 | Reputation:  117] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  09 Nov 2011 10:07
looks good man
[Posts:  597 | Reputation:  8] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  19 Nov 2011 11:02
Are you shipping the heads out for replacing the springs and valves back to the heads or are you doing it yourself?  Looking for pictures of this....
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  19 Nov 2011 14:30
I'll install and lap the valves myself. It isn't tough at all with the correct tools.
[Posts:  49 | Reputation:  1] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  19 Nov 2011 15:36
What an amazing post those pistons look like jewelry so beautiful.  Hopefully the rest of the build is smooth for you.
[Posts:  412 | Reputation:  2] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  11 May 2012 04:43
It's been a while, any update?
[Posts:  3565 | Reputation:  77] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  07 Oct 2012 09:54
[Posts:  730 | Reputation:  13] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  22 Nov 2012 09:21
I hope nothin' bad happened?!?!! Puzzled, are you MIA???
[Posts:  730 | Reputation:  13] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  18 Jan 2013 09:41
hope nothin bad happened?!?
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  30 Jan 2013 19:06
Nothing bad has happened. Life has gotten in the way, super bust with work which is a good thing.

There is talk of our local track closing so that has put a damper on finishing the bike.

I did pick up "another" Buell, this one an 09 1125CR. I want to turn it into a little more of a sport touring bike (windshield, bags, all the electronics).

I have someone interested in the drag bike parts so I have to sit down and put a price tag on them to see how interested they are.
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  16 Feb 2013 13:43
Buell 1125 Race Motor

Millenium Technologies Cylinders, Stripped, Overbore, Nocosil coat, diamond hone
CP 4.275" domed pistons, pins, wire locks and rings
Carillo Rods
ARP rod bolts
ARP/EBR Head studs, washer and nuts
Revolution Stage 3 head porting
.010" milled surface
Heads are O-ringed for lock-wire
Del West/EBR 42MM Titanium Intake valves, 35.4MM Titanium Exhaust valves
Del West/EBR Springs
Del West/EBR Bronze guides
Beryllium Copper seats
Crower Performance Drag Race Cams
Balanced and welded crank
Cometic head gaskets
Buell gasket kit

Bottom end of the motor is assembled. The top end will have to be finished up, the parts are all here.

$6500.00 plus shipping. I know this is more then some paid for their complete stock motorcycle. Then again the heads alone are close to what an 1125 was selling for during the "Fire sale". This IS NOT a street motor. This is for racing. Current cam selection is a drag race cam, with a different cam choice you could have a road race motor.

My local drag strip has closed their doors and I have no desire to travel to race, so I'm selling my drag race stuff.

mikecorrell2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Pics of the build
http://www.njbuellowners.com/forum/viewtopic. ...

http://www.badweatherbikers.com/buell/messages/158 664/626675.html?1302618326

http://www.badweatherbikers.com/buell/messages/158 664/634426.html?1304106388

http://www.badweatherbikers.com/buell/messages/158 664/668798.html?1320021898

http://www.badweatherbikers.com/buell/messages/158 664/609863.html?1329770702
[Posts:  263 | Reputation:  6] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  26 Feb 2013 11:00
haha, so depressing to get through all the posts and then your selling at the end.  Oh well, can understand why your not continuing with the build, fun to read the build though.  GLWS.
[Posts:  1297 | Reputation:  19] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  27 Feb 2013 18:22
Do you have the dementions of the wheeliebar... I'm looking for the same set up also have you ran with a strut and shock.. which is better.. mind you I'm just throwing a wheelie bar on and going to the local 1/8.. this isn't a drag bike by any means
[Posts:  1297 | Reputation:  19] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  28 Feb 2013 14:15
Or also what did it cost from pingel for them to make it... thankd
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  03 Mar 2013 21:58
1 bad, I'll have to go back through my notes to get you the requested information.
[Posts:  1099 | Reputation:  61] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  04 Mar 2013 17:38
That's a bummer that they closed Puzzled.  This is the first time I stumbled across your thread.  Amazing work!
[Posts:  919 | Reputation:  34] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  04 Mar 2013 20:21
I'm on the fence in regards to just finishing the motor......
[Posts:  730 | Reputation:  13] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  05 Mar 2013 08:51
Hey Puzzled, I was gonna start using mine more at the 1/4 mile track but unfortunately I had my 'off-roading accident' with the R and that went out the window. Im left with the 2009 CR and its still in shop waiting on parts for the charging issue. Im gonna do the EBR rotor mod, re-wire stator with 'Rick's', and maybe the MOSFET regulator that roadstercycle puts out. If I end up keeping it, I will try and do the EBR exhaust and ECM and then just ride it like I stole it. (Hopefully)
[Posts:  663 | Reputation:  11] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  07 Apr 2013 00:49
So I want to know what's going on with the motor and bike? I would be interested in that motor but I would need a different cam.
[Posts:  730 | Reputation:  13] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  07 Apr 2013 07:56
Yep, sweet motor for sure but I really don't want to get into Buell motors That Much. Maybe if I was just gonna use it on the track.
[Posts:  1297 | Reputation:  19] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  07 Apr 2013 10:23
I would like to purchase the wheelie bar set up of your interested in selling it..

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