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Remember Me?
[Posts:  224 | Reputation:  7] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  15 Nov 2012 18:57
So my ScG has developed an oil leak from the rocker box on the rear cylinder. Not a bad one, but a leak none-the-less. I'm friends with a HD tech who is going to help me change out the gaskets on both cylinders. My question is to people who have done this before : Do you have any preference as to a gasket brand?
[Posts:  4224 | Reputation:  365] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  15 Nov 2012 19:19
matt: supposedly the stock H-D available top end gasket sets are new and improved pieces for the rocker boxes. having said that, you can't go wrong with either Athena, Cometic, or James.
[Posts:  753 | Reputation:  9] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  18 Nov 2012 14:41
I got new gaskets from HD about 6000 miles ago, and haven't seen a leak yet.
[Posts:  311 | Reputation:  15] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  21 Nov 2012 15:34
I have the exact same leak/problem. I just have to get around to rotating my engine and doing it. In for gasket suggestions.
[Posts:  909 | Reputation:  54] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  21 Nov 2012 16:37
just make sure the surfaces are oil free when reassembling boxes. i used hd gaskets and no problems.
[Posts:  448 | Reputation:  7] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  21 Nov 2012 20:58
I did my rear one at the beginning of this summer. Didn't rotate the engine. It's like a puzzle but you can do it. No leaks since. The new gasket is a lot thicker.
[Posts:  120 | Reputation:  3] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  22 Nov 2012 03:14
Wow! I would like to see a write up on the no-rotation rear gasket swap. Not saying i don't believe you just would like to see how you did it.
[Posts:  194 | Reputation:  10] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  22 Nov 2012 14:51   Last Edited By: jriffe108
There is no way to remove rear rocker cover on a factory XB without rotating the engine.
HD Parts, new gasket is thicker and stiffer, black in color vs the old orange part.

HD/ Buell Part # 17362-07B Gasket, Rocker cover. Outer perimeter gasket, HD/ Buell Part # 17695-07B Gasket, rocker cover. Inner gasket. Outer is $6.55 each, inner is $1.75, Total with Texas tax was $17.97
[Posts:  194 | Reputation:  10] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  22 Nov 2012 15:13
Good info here http://www.buellxb.com/Buell-XB-Forum/General ...
[Posts:  448 | Reputation:  7] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  22 Nov 2012 19:29
I guess you didn't try hard enough.

I had to grind down an allen wrench to fit under the cross braces to unscrew the top 4 bolts. Once I got them out, I pulled the old gasket out, it was ripped at the back left corner (where all the oil was leaking). There wasn't enough room to pull the rockerbox cover all the way out but I could lift it up enough to wiggle the new gasket over top of the cover and into the groove. Screwed the bolts back in and put the rest of the plastic parts on. Bam, no leaks all summer.
[Posts:  120 | Reputation:  3] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  23 Nov 2012 04:06
Ok. But will you be able to torque the bolts correctly on reassembly?
[Posts:  194 | Reputation:  10] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  23 Nov 2012 12:08
How did you replace the inner gasket without removing the cover? If you replaced the perimeter gasket with the updated part and left the "old", inner gasket in place, you will soon have oil flowing down the inside of your jug.

I prefer not to grind or cut my tools unless it is absolutely necessary, which in this case, only required more effort and time to lower the engine.

let me rephrase, "This is no way to replace the rear rocker cover gaskets properly without rotating the engine, unless you start cutting welds."
[Posts:  448 | Reputation:  7] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  23 Nov 2012 13:51
I didn't replace the inner one. It looked good still. If it develops a leak later on then I'll change it. It's not going to start leaking because the outside one is thicker, more likely because the old style one can't take the extra heat being on the rear cylinder.. I have the comfort kit now so that should help.

I didn't use a torque wrench because well, I don't own one.. so I don't know if it was possible to use one or not. I tightened them down by feel. Got them about as tight as they were when I removed them. It's been a few thousand miles and they have not come loose and I have not developed any other leaks.

It may not be the correct way but it worked for me. If you guys want to drop the engine thats fine but it's possible to do the same job without. Which = more riding time for me.

I didn't do a write up at the time because I knew most people wouldn't like my methods. To each their own.

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