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Remember Me?
[Posts:  1296 | Reputation:  35] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  18 Nov 2012 18:38

Sold the bike with the K&N in it, so I have this nice OE filter.  Plenty of use left in it; removed from the bike with 1382 miles on it.  Wrapped and put away.  Will come with a nice K&N box (and a sticker, if that helps the deal).  Asking $35, shipped in the CONUS, including PayPal fees.

In case of dibs, I'll go with the first responder to the thread.  You can also PM me or email me at dmac at shelby dot net.
[Posts:  1296 | Reputation:  35] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  21 Nov 2012 14:18
You know, I'm going to try to take a second photo of the filter out of the bag; it looks perfectly clean.  Any discoloration is the wrapper, not the filter.
[Posts:  1296 | Reputation:  35] Registered User
[?]   Posted:  21 Nov 2012 22:47

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