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Thread: Modify right or GTFO.

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    Decel popping is usually caused by a slightly lean de-cel condition (adding a muffler without a 'tune' will do that), or a leak in the pipe. Fix those = no popping.

    There's no need for a completely custom one-off injection program and the $1000's you'll spend to get it for something that minor.
    It's not magic, and these bikes haven't changed since the common programs have been available for so long now. There's lots of variables... like maybe your program isn't right? Since they have been open source for so long, how do you really know it is what they say? You get what you pay for.

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    If you're decel-popping regardless of tune, you likely have an exhaust leak.

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    In my case I flashed the proper map, just in case. The PO said that it was popping on decel since the day they installed the Jardine (and flashed the ECM) and everyone I have mentioned that to says it is the can. He sent me the original muffler at no cost (even paid for shipping). I do have a leak where the can mounts to the header, with springs no less, and I have been trying to fix that before I swap it out. I am going to have to pull it and apply high temp sealer. Hopefully soon, if the rains let up.

    Why would anyone use springs at that point? I see them on sport bike exhausts all the time, but never felt they sealed anything all that well. Am I missing something?

    Getting cage crazy. It's been too cold and/or wet to ride and I'm going NUTZ!

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