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If that's true (I'm not saying it isn't) then why stop making them?
Copied from Wikipedia. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buel...rcycle_Company

By 2008, Harley's credit arm, Harley-Davidson Financial Services (HDFS), was struggling, and the lower resale value of Buell motorcycles meant that new bike sales were significantly affected.[10] When Harley CEO Keith Wandell was hired, he immediately questioned why Harley even owned Buell.[10] Wandell, who had never been on a Harley before being hired, was heard talking about "Erik's racing hobby", and questioned "why anyone would even want to ride a sportbike".[10] He organized a team to analyze "the adrenaline market", and concluded that sportbikes would encounter high competition and low profits, while cruisers had high returns.[10]On Thursday, October 15, 2009, Harley-Davidson Inc. announced the end of production of Buell Motorcycles in order to focus more on the Harley-Davidson brand. Selling Buell was not legitimately considered, as Harley didn't want their Harley dealerships to sell an outside brand, and Harley didn't feel Buell had much value without the dealer network.[10] In a news release on the Buell website the same day, company officials thanked customers, employees, and dealers for "an unforgettable ride".[12] Closing the Buell brand was estimated to cost Harley approximately the same as their total investment in Buell over the past 25 years.[10] Erik Buell immediately began looking for outside buyers, finding BRP (who owns the Austrian Rotax engine manufacturer BRP-Powertrain) a good choice, especially since Harley would have to pay Rotax "an eight-figure sum" for the 1,125 cc engine contract.[10]