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Thread: Issues Removing Engine Sprocket/Stator Rotor Stuck on Despite Removing Bolt

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    Question Issues Removing Engine Sprocket/Stator Rotor Stuck on Despite Removing Nut

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    Trying to replace the stator, we removed the torqued bolts for both the engine sprocket/stator rotor as well as the clutch.

    Clutch assembly is sliding out, but the engine sprocket/stator rotor assembly is being extremely stubborn and won't slide off the spline. We tried heating, prying behind the rotor, etc. with no luck.

    From the tutorials we've seen, it should just slide right off once you have the torqued nut removed. Am I missing something/has anyone else run into this issue?

    I took a video of what I'm facing:
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    rotor/sprocket assembly and basket assembly come off as a unit. what you are incurring is the rotor magnets not wanting to give up their magnetic bond over their present position. you'll need a puller to accomplish this.
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    I ran into the same situation on my S3T, but it was my fault for getting some red locktite on the shaft. You will need a puller to remove it without damaging something.

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    ^^^^^ exactly what these guys said.
    I had the same issues but was able to persuade the primary assembly to come out as one unit with a combination of foul language and the fung foo grip(no action pants required).

    And please, for the love of God, stop prying at the sprocket/rotor assembly with a claw hammer. My nerves can't take it! Watching that is like listening to finger nails slowly clawing down a chaulk board!

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    That's very funny, it was exactly !, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^What I was thinking.

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