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Thread: Joined the 1125 club today!

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    Joined the 1125 club today!

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    Hey guys, just wanted to make a post about my new bike. I had a Ulysses for a while which I liked but i got the chance to ride an XB9SX last weekend and immediately realized that I did not want the massive Uly anymore. The riding experience of the smaller bikes is just incredible and I decided I had to have that. Several attempts to make something work out on a trade deal I was finally offered a '09 1125R. I put about 50 miles on today and I absolutely love this thing! So much power, so agile, just fantastic. The funny thing though is that I didn't even look at 1125's because they didn't have the Harley engine I was just not interested but I decided to at least go take a look and well, once I rode it that was that.

    Anyway, looking forward to learning all I can about this completely different machine.

    Quick pic I snapped, needs to be washed!

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    Nice! I miss my 1125CR.

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    Nice looking bike man, I absolutely love my 1125r. If you want that deep sound you get from the 1203 put a Drummer SS or Dean Adams on it and it will come alive. I personally run the Drummer SS on my 1125r and XB12r and I love em but you also can never go wrong with Deans pipe either. If you don't already have a service manual you can try here.

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