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Thread: Well this really sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    I'd do the grease trick on a lawnmower, tap a little, remove, clean, re-grease, tap a little more, remove, clean re-grease, etc.

    IMHO on a motorcycle (one you like), it's worth the afternoon (3 beers) to rotate and pull the heads, I'd insert both heads. It's not that hard to rotate and the easy access guarantees you'll tap it square. Besides, you need lifters anyway/ rocker gaskets/ etc. How are the jug gaskets on a bike with 50k on it? Lots of might-as-wells while your in there.
    Exactly why I want to pull the motor and check everything out. She does 80km a day, 80% of that at 140kmph( 4500 - 5000 rpm), so its
    not being used to knock around the suburbs on weekends.

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    And as long as your pulling all that, it is an easy thing to install a big bore 1275cc kit, now you have a new bore and pistons in the mix too. And you could just have them fix the plug holes while your getting the heads ported then you have an entire new top end. As long as your pulling it apart why not go all in?

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