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Thread: Metal clanging sound

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    I highly recommend not bending the horn brackets, it will eventually break apart as I found out first hand. I recommend removing the horn brackets altogether and bolting the horn to the cross brace, member, whatever it is directly. It will never rub the fly screen or anything behind it ever again saving the wiring, horn, headlights from a unnecessary beating. I found this out first hand riding the 3 sisters in the Hill country in Texas, probably broke the horn mounts on the Willow City loop catching a lot of air on the creek crossings and alot of raised cattle guards. Hey Swanthog I think your bike is still a little new to have to take the engine apart for a rattle, as the engine is pretty solid, quirky, but pretty solid. I think the real gremlins are mostly electrical, like that connector on the stator I think? I am used to the rattles but this post has forced me to listen to my windshield brackets rattle, or maybe its the flyscreen, when the engine is cold.
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    I am waiting for my clutch tool to arrive so I performed some of the other checks:

    - Engine isolator
    Looks good like in lunaticfringe's picture
    - Oil tank
    fished around in the tank with a magnet. It came out clean but not 100% positive I worked the area where metal shavings would settle
    - Horn mount
    This is not the noise I am working to stop but I did the solid mount as suggested Tbone because I was experiencing this noise as well. He is right, zero interference with the fly screen

    At this point I'm leaning toward the alternator as the source of the noise -- bet it has the 4-bolt stator.
    Question: does anyone have a good procedure for removing the engine sprocket nut if the HD tool isn't available? If you haven't seen it, it is wedged between the engine sprocket and flywheel (judging by the low res image from the manual). I am thinking of cutting a length of lumber that will suit the same purpose.

    --Lawrence F.

    engine sprocket tool.jpg

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    Engine oil drain plug magnet ??

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    You don't need HD tool. The locking bar tool for Buell XB12 is JIMS 2318, you can buy it on Ebay. Do not forget a good breaker bar (I used this and big torque wrench to assemble the sprockets back (I used this The sockets for sprockets nuts you can buy in Autozone.
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    Use a brass door hinge wrapped in duct tape.
    Should cost you less that $5 at your local hardware store

    I've used this "tool" numerous times with NO issues.

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    lawrence: what the guys said on the primary locking tool works well. also board members robin and a few others posted description and pics of a few homemade locking tools consisting of simple metal "bar stock" with slightly rounded edges. a few tips for delving into this primary drive system and also link i included with simple walk-thru and pics. here's my suggestions:
    1----1-1/8th inches on the engine sprocket nut WHICH IS STANDARD RIGHT HAND THREAD!
    2----1-3/16th inches on the clutch hub nut WHICH IS LEFT HAND THREAD!
    3-some do...i do NOT...use a hammer or impact gun to do these nuts. i use torque wrench and breaker bars only.
    4-the homemade locking bar device measures approx. as follows so make your own if you like: 4.2" long x 1.0" wide x .25" thick and tapered at the ends. The ends look like a dull chisel.
    5-replace the shift shaft seal. cheap insurance against future leaks.
    6-carefully check the chain adjustment shoe assembly and the threads on both its shaft and primary housing. assembly all one unit. if questionable or worn replace it. available from any H-D dealer and online.
    board member did this write-up years ago but handy and nice pics. here ya go.

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