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Thread: 2018 Buell Calendar VOTING

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    Alot of awesome pictures, tough to pick just 12.

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    awesome selection. some pictures could use some touch up and cropping, but its going to be a great calendar again.

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    Marc usually does a collage with all the pictures on the back so nobody is left out, it's a suggestion I've made for years. I think I speak for everyone when I say that you always go above and beyond to make our year by taking allot of your personal time to make this happen, and I don't think anyone would care at all if you calculated the cost of your calendar into the price of ours. I think it would be the least we could do. If someone had a problem with that I will gladly purchase your calendar for you. With that being said thanks again Marc.

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    Thanks all.... i enjoy doing this and enjoy seeing a Buell on the wall everyday at work, lol.

    Pre-order of the calendar will start tomorrow. Finalizing the details with the printer now.

    Most of the pictures that win will probably get some type of small crop to make them fit and look correct. The layout is part of the fun!
    I hope to have them back from the printer and shipped out before Jan 1... at least thats my goal! so far so good.
    Thanks to all who submitted pictures and all who voted. Good luck to all.
    Thanks a bunch DJ, great to hear you all enjoy them as much as I do!
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    My votes are in. Tough to many good pics! As always...thanks, Marc!

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    Voted.... Forgot to enter my name...

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