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Thread: pulling a code?

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    pulling a code?

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    I have the 2009 Xb12 Scg in Hero Blue. After changing the oil in both sections I have gone for 2 rides. Maybe 100 miles total. I have the yellow engine light coming on. I checked to make sure the oil plugs and filter were still on and tight but aside from that I'm not sure where to begin.

    I don't have a chord/cable to plug the bike into any software.
    The Harley store charges $50 just to pull the code.

    Do you guys have any help? I'd like to :
    find the code
    repair or replace whatever needs done
    clear the code
    continue to ride with perma-grin


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    here's the link which has the easy free method as well as codes listed for 2008 and up models. key most be ON to run this test. i'm assuming here you're referencing the CEL light. if it is the oil pressure light that's lit you have an air-bound oiling system. if it is that light let me know and will walk you thru the purge method.

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    You can buy buelltoot on eBay or google how to read error code on Buell without special tool. I believe service manual or electric manual have this info too.
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    Lunatic is correct, that would be the best way to do it. I'm calling it now, it's probably gonna be grounding issues.

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