My 2006 XB12RS. AKA a LightningBolt.
It began life as a Firebolt, but has had the rear converted to a lightning setup.

Mods Include
Buell Race Kit
EBR Front Brake Rotor
CRG Shorty Levers
LSL Footpegs with 1" drop
Lightning Rear End Conversion
Seat Cowl
XBR Low Profile Air Scoops
ThrottleMeister Weighted Bar Ends
Frame Pucks
Axle Sliders
Engineered Velocity Timing Cover
  1. LeftScoop
  2. RghtScoop
  3. Jack
  4. TimingCover
  5. Helibar
  6. CRGbrake
  7. CRGclutch
  8. LeftPeg
  9. RightPeg
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