04 XB12S Hammer Build

This was a super fun project and thanks to Dan and Alex at Hammer Performance, Dave At Buelltooth for his remote tuning service and expertise, and the members of this forum for ALL of your support.

This represents just a few steps along the way of a project that started Sept. 2019 and was completed April 2020. Started in boxes and ended up with a pretty cool bike!

The bike setup: 04 XB1275 Hammer Performance build, K&N Filter, D&D Exhaust, WB02 w/TunaBuell and Baro Kit. Digital volt meter mod.

Why: Because I grew up wrenching on commercial fishing boats in Alaska and have a passion for understanding how things work. I have owned 4 Buells now: 08 Uly, 04 XB12R, and 2 - 04 XB12S Lightning’s.

I also have owned: 06 800ss Ducati, 06 FZ6 Yamaha.

I am done with other makes and am stuck on Buells. Let me know if I can help your projects out in any time way,

  1. AC670033 771B 46E2 970C 10347D350E54
  2. 1055416C 6FF3 4E4C B8EF 5B1DE37351FA
  3. B33F7129 76C1 4D65 8905 EDCE378FD138
  4. EFD5A9C4 422C 4A12 A8DA 12B2A87D22F3
  5. 501D40E5 E4B9 4329 90EF C1505A32699E
  6. E8549DED 513A 4B70 8A0B 899523D2584B
  7. ACA22C76 BDCA 4C9B A4B4 443C184FC550
  8. D061B699 793B 4136 A681 C3175EE9C667
  9. DD8D1722 28A0 4E6D B76B 0AABAF7D410F
  10. 152454C2 5788 4988 9E16 D6E976000226
  11. BF5FD5BF D64E 4796 BB18 EF2E9CC0ED8A
  12. E45B65B1 029B 4762 81E0 225731620280
  13. A45991E0 207E 46D1 A46D D249F052F1A5
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