1. My 9s/X
  2. H&B bags from a moto guzzi & some minor modifications by some guys at work finished them out.
  3. Custom racks for short chassis XB. made by Paul, a bent up set off a wrecked X model was perfect donor
  4. 9sx pulled from a barn in KY. Took 18months for me to find one I had to have. Sat for a year after fuel pump quit. Guy was ready to move on. Bought...
  5. The last yellow Firebolt still remains in it's crate!
  6. About 1/2 the clan as of 2014. 
Few were apart & still some I won't share :)
  7. 05 12R. Total work: 4 motors, 6 sets of forks, 3 sets of plastics. 2 rear springs, 2 sets of wheels among many common accessory swaps. 
09 swap & SCG...
  8. Bring home my original Buell. 2006 Ulysses 12X w 16k & full bags. Otherwise stock.  
Looks nothing like that anymore
  9. Xb12 Motor sent to a custom bike builder.
  10. 5-0Dro, Knight Design, EBR, ASB, Saddleman, Drummer, all helped in building the 9sx. 
Also got input from several members. (Community paid for this...
  11. My 9s-X. Not bad for what started as a non running "barn find". 
*Race rotor not shown, was on track bike at the time
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