My Buell pics

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Just another album
  1. Pulled my side cover to replace my stator.
  2. Firebolt at Red Rock
  3. Met some curious creatures.
  4. Got rear ended on the highway coming home from work. Unfortunately at highway speeds the bike got totaled out but thankfully I was okay. Sorry for...
  5. Goodsprings sunset
  6. After this ride there was no doubt I need to upgrade my seat.
  7. What a beast this bike is. It is everything my firebolt isn't.
  8. She got here this morning and is a f@cking monster.
  9. ...
  10. ...
  11. ...
  12. Ride before the storm
  13. Old firehouse at the mountain top.
  14. ...
  15. Nice view
  16. Old bar at the top of the mountain near Vegas.
  17. My fake deer tagging along for a ride.
  18. You might be a redneck if you tie your deer, bow, and arrows to your bike and ride across town.
  19. firebolt out of the darkness
  20. My Firebolt and my favorite place in relation to the Vegas strip. As far away as possible.
  21. Replace primary chain adjuster and clean up the mess from the old one.
  22. DDM only, no Denali on. They are much brighter than OEM. Just need to get it outside now.
  23. DDM with my Denali lights on.
  24. New DDM HID kit:5500k 
Very easy install.
  25. Top of my wish list
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