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04-22-2010, 03:58 AM
Any one with a 1125 R or CR have an engine failure. I'm getting worried about having this bike, 2009 1125r white nad am considering selling it. I want to ride not work on a piece of ****.

04-22-2010, 04:01 AM
I'm sure you'll have to beat off potential customers with a stick advertising it as a piece of ****. Jeeze, Wayne

04-22-2010, 04:15 AM
piece of ****!? How much? Who wouldn't want a POS?

04-22-2010, 04:18 AM
$6500 I still owe the bank.

04-22-2010, 04:22 AM
Tired after work and tired of worrying about this thing. I wanted to see what other people had to say.

04-22-2010, 04:34 AM
On the other hand, if the engine pops who cares? You've still got a year or so of warranty right? Wayne

04-22-2010, 04:38 AM
Ya cept dealerparts just told me the 7 year law might have changed some1 needs to enlighten us all if anyone knows anything or is harley just trying to stiff us all for parts and service

04-22-2010, 01:30 PM
Ok, I'm a little confused? Your engine blew up, or you are worried it's going to?

What justification do you have to worry? I haven't heard anything indicating there is a problem with the 1125's. Or did your uncle's cousin's stepfather's friend have one that died after 2 months?

Ya cept dealerparts just told me the 7 year law might have changed some1 needs to enlighten us all if anyone knows anything or is harley just trying to stiff us all for parts and service

So you are assuming that Harley Davidson is just going to break their contract? They have a legal right to honor their warranty.

04-22-2010, 01:40 PM
No it didn't blow up, I'm just worried and as far as Harley goes No I Don't Trust or Believe Anything They Say.

04-22-2010, 10:21 PM
i think ull be fine and ive only heard of 1 person ruining there motor and it was b/c they took off the radiator cowls and it the fan wasnt able to cool the motor so it over heated and yea they have to honor the warranty

04-23-2010, 03:01 AM
Just wanted to ask if I offended any one? I posted the same question on BAD WEB and got bombarded with all kinds of crap. I was just looking for some input, but apparently I am not allowed to ask or belong to more than one board. By the way thanks to all of you for not responding like thay did over there. Any how I lke the bike I haven't had a chance to ride it much so wanted to know about engine probs.

04-23-2010, 03:04 AM
It's like anything else mechanical. Take care of it and you will be fine.

04-23-2010, 05:08 AM
o you are assuming that Harley Davidson is just going to break their contract? They have a legal right to honor their warranty.
Iam just saying almost every so called buell dealer screws us on parts and service...now that hd dropped the ax whats to keep them from wiggling out even further.

Are we going to sue because they are not making parts availible?.

Take care and youll do fine[up]

04-23-2010, 02:07 PM
its unfortunate the people at the other site harrassed you the way they did about your question but I guess its because of the way you worded it. almost as if you had no respect for the bike but hey no hard feelings. I think you will be fine and as long as you dont disrespectfuly ride the hell out of your engine it will be ok [up]. Have fun and Ride Safe

04-24-2010, 04:23 PM
The bike has a 2 year warranty on it. I know someone who recently blew their engine on an 08 and got a new one. It was his fault to for not breaking it in properly.

04-25-2010, 03:30 AM
i have a 2008 motor blew two weeks ago.... and its not the first one i have heard of either...

freight dog
04-25-2010, 05:36 AM
Yeah, BadWeb sucks balls. If you say anything negative about Buell, you are called a troll and mercilessly abused by the "believers". The problem begins with the site owner. He draws the line at saying anything negative about these bikes, and if you are pissed about a legitimate problem, you will be called a troll. Meanwhile, he could care less if the Buell defenders abuse you mercilessly. It just makes for an unpleasant environment.

Unfortunately, most of the people with the best Buell knowledge are only only BadWeb.

That being said, your question Skizzy was poorly worded. I don't know what problems you may have had. I just got my bike back after losing it for a month for the wiring harness service. It is a pain, and I am pissed off about it. The sad fact is, you will not get $6500 for your bike...probably ever. If I were you, I would stop worrying and just ride it and enjoy it. Aside from the wiring harness, mine has been trouble free for the first 1100 miles. Knock on wood, most people seem to resolve their problems early on and are able to ride the hell out of these things and enjoy it. It is a great motorcycle to ride, and I am loving it!

I believe I have heard of more than just two blown engines, but there are some guys racking up big miles with no problems. These engines are definitely not time bombs waiting to grenade themselves. Maintain your fluids properly and don't abuse it too badly and yours should last for many years.

04-26-2010, 02:59 PM
I know the way I worded it was not good I said I was tired after work(not an excuse) but I had just heard a lot of bad stuff about the bike that day. I kept trying to explain and the more I did the nore crap I got. I don't want to keep whining about it so i'll leave it there. Thanks for the input. Checked fluids this week end, ride it hard put on about 150 miles. Its not even out of break in yet so we'll see. I do love the bike, the paint job, the power, and the handling.

05-17-2010, 02:30 PM
after a month harley finally warrantied my 1125r with a new 2010 motor... it was my left main bearing.... and after a month of having the bike... they ran the throttle cables wrong... didn't have the clutch adjusted... forgot to fix the other parts on the warranty work order... but anyways... went from an 08 motor to a 10!

05-17-2010, 09:27 PM
I have had my '08 for a year exactly... I have 9K miles on it, and the only issues I have ever had were the rear turn signals blew a month after I got it, and a wheeping clutch cover.

I have a friend who bought the first '08 available in town. he currently has over 25,000 Miles and it's still running strong. my mechanic buddy has had his for just over a year and has put 35K miles on his...still running strong (granted, he is a motorcycle mechanic). I have never met anyone personally that has had a bad experience with their 1125R.

05-19-2010, 03:44 AM
Thanks for the input.

Mike Van V
05-24-2010, 07:20 PM
I'm quickly sneeking up on 12,000 daily driven miles with my CR.

HMF exhaust, Ohio Sport Bike mapping program tuned.
No...NO freaken K&N filter....plus a hand full of other small alterations.

Though it did sit for 9 months until Dave got his program out for sale, because it ran like crap from the dealer...I've been constantly finessing the maps, I've got it running pretty good.

My only problems so far...two junk rear turn signals.


07-19-2010, 07:40 PM
i have an 08 1125r... motor blew up on mine at 4660 miles on it... dealer put in a new 2010 motor for me.. from what i hear they have oil pump issues... thats whats causing all the raised hairs on peoples necks... then after putting a 2010 motor in a learned they have a faulty charging system on them... haven't had that issue yet... i just make sure i leave it on the battery tender when im not riding it... all in all its a great bike its just a new design different motors and you gotta expect things like this with something new... it just sucks that harley aint' there to back it no more and that gets some people a little worried in my opinion

07-20-2010, 09:49 AM
I have 2000 miles now and it has been fine, I like it a lot, hauls ass! I'll just keep riding the hell out of it and see what happens.