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05-02-2010, 12:11 AM
I have stock XB12 Muffler for sale. the rear cap is cut off at the weld and the pipes are pulled out, IT IS NOT CUT DOWN THE CENTER like most people do., i was going to mod it but i found a race muffler for a great price and bought it. also it had big dent in the front bottom and I cut it out & Welded in thicker metal patch (had to stitch weld it to prevent any warpage, it has pretty good(not perfect lookin weld)but deep penetrating weld around the patch) and while the the patch was cut out i welded in metal wall against the front wall that has the holes in it , that is the wall is the front wall next to the entrance pipe did that to help make it louder because original it a wall with holes & fiberglass packed behind it to muffle the sound down, i i repacked the fiberglass back in behind the wall i welded inside the front cap. see pics below.

ALSO I have to say that buelltech is first in line for it and Lawdog second in line for it they was the first & second to ask about it.


05-02-2010, 12:47 AM
To finish this muffler buy some packing (http://www.bikebandit.com/msr-muffler-repacking-kit) and wrap it around the outer shell, then hold it in place with perforated steel (http://www.onlinemetals.com/merchant.cfm?pid=13529&step=4&id=1004&top_cat=849). Weld a new backing plate and some tips of your choice and you got a drummer.

Definitely need a good tune as you will probably lose some low end torque without it. But it should have a nice, deep thump to it. I imagine it would sound better then my exhaust (http://www.buellxb.com/Buell-XB-Forum/Do-It-Yourself-Buell-Mods/DIY-Installing-baffles-in-muffler)! In my opinion this would be the best sounding exhaust. You have a large chamber to give it a deep note and fiberglass packing to take the high shrill tone.

05-02-2010, 12:57 AM
How much are you looking to get for it?

05-02-2010, 01:38 AM
that would be one way to do it. and sound real good.

who ever buys it you do what u want with it, just giving you all some ideals ....what i was going to do is make it like Voodoo muffler with a U pipe attaching the 2 outer pipes together(i can give you my Upipe i got for it, to who ever buys it if the want to go with the voodoo build) , and then have dual exit exhaust on the rear , or you could build into a (semi/sorta)clone of a race muffler very easily too , by taking off the middle pipe (other outer pipe is removed and not with it ) and welding on a patch to cover and seal those two holes, then weld on rear backing plate/wall(needs to be thick enough for jacking point pressure) and then install rear exits pipes, oh you would need to shorten the over length at the rear for the right clearance of the belt pully and rear tire clearance too( ican give that length off my race muffler if want to go that build route i think that would sound awesome too, i love the sound of race muffler thats why i dont need this one anymore. although it would be heavier than a REAL RACE MUFFLER though. .....
here is a race muffler pic to illustrate what i mean (race muffler NOT 4 sale) the blue lines are walls , red lines pipes, arrows are gas flow. also this way could make it louder than a race muffler because an original race muffler has perferated pipe and perferated rear back wall/plate with fiberglass packing between walls 1 and 2 which tones down the sound for sound regulations at the race tracks.


05-02-2010, 02:15 AM
I wanted to sell it for $135+ plus shipping on ebay, but i will sell it to BUELLXB.com members for $100 plus shipping. paypal only....

and buelltech got another one already & lawdog past it up..
so next in line please step forward ..
calling ticket # 3 now !

05-02-2010, 02:20 AM
I just pick one up (next in line)

05-04-2010, 03:03 AM
any offers for best offer.

make me a good offer !!