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01-20-2008, 11:44 PM
I am planning to fly back to the states this summer and pick up a new 08 12X and want to know what mods everyone thinks should be done. I am planning on the Buell tank bag, side and top case, tall screen and possibly aftermarket pegs (suggestions?) and right side air scoop (suggestions?).

I totally can NOT wait!!!


01-29-2008, 07:08 PM
Ceramic-coat the muffler, preferably when brand new before you take delivery. I'm going to use jet-hot.com Sterling, but there are others. My muffler was already rusting badly after only 3 months and 3000 miles. Buell honored the warranty, and I'll have an opportunity to get the replacement stock muffler coated before they take the old one off, so I can keep commuting to work 50 miles per day.

I use S100 products to keep the bike clean and protected. I've not felt a need for any add-ons. I considered upgrading the exhaust when the stock muffler started rusting, but for me that would "fix" lots of things that are not really broken and would possibly create new problems, aside from the cost, so I decided to keep it stock. As it is, the bike performs well enough for me to be assertive on the highways, with plenty of headroom -- most jerks just back off right away, and those that do not never win anyway.

My most important piece of gear are my two Roadcrafter suits, from aerostich.com . On the second one, I had them add a few inches to the arms and legs, and it keeps me completely warm even riding in 10 degree F weather for an hour (hasn't gotten colder yet in NJ, but I feel ready for it), so I did not even need to consider heated clothing. The only issue is with hands. What works best for me is extra-large Gore-Tex ski mittens so I can curl my fingertips into my palms every so often. The heated grips on the stock 08 Uly help a lot. Incidentally, I have a real US army issue compass, which suits the character of the Uly much better than a gps.

I ordered my 08 Uly in August, and the dealer could not get one until October. Check with the dealer and order the bike to make sure you'll have it when you get here. If you're not picky about the color (they're all nice), you might get the bike sooner.

01-29-2008, 07:26 PM
possibly aftermarket pegs (suggestions?)
depends on what you want. complete sets or just the pegs?

right side air scoop (suggestions?).
rh airscoop (http://www.devilstars.be/forum/viewtopic.php?t=388) 2008 model is still in the test phase, but it's getting there.

01-29-2008, 07:51 PM
Ortlieb makes nice waterproof backpacks and duffels, available from aerostich.com . I have one of each and like both. They bungee nicely onto the extended beavertail of the Uly. I don't go on big tours, so I cannot comment on the bigger bags and cases. I avoided getting a tank bag, to keep the cockpit area uncluttered. I even took the BUELL stickers off of my airbox cover (while still new rather than dealing with the baked-on adhesive and discoloration when they start falling off by themselves after a few years in the sun -- I used olive oil to dissolve residual adhesive, then used diluted dishwashing liquid to remove the olive oil -- don't scrub hard and don't use harsh solvents or you'll ruin the glossy finish). I like the stock pegs because I reposition my feet frequently, and have good Vibram soles. The pegs are only slippery when wet, so I lock my heels on them in that case, without any problems. I read a post somewhere that someone put the sharp spiky pegs on, then went back to the stock ones. No harm in experimenting with this, I guess. I'm 6'4" and would bonk the tall screen when I lean forward, so I kept the short one. My expensive helmets are aerodynamic enough that it's not an issue. I'm thinking about the right scoop, but I modulate my commuting hours and route to avoid standing in traffic -- bike stays cooler when moving instead of idling. I might need to get the right scoop come Summer anyway -- I'll see. I would've gotten an 1125R instead (water cooled), but chickened out -- being an engineer by trade, I wanted to wait a few years for other people to work out the kinks. Maybe I'll switch (or add) in a few years, but for now I'm happy with my Uly.

01-29-2008, 08:00 PM
americansportbike.com sells the spiky pegs, plus many other add-ons you might like to browse.

01-30-2008, 01:19 AM
Hey Thruster, were in NJ? I'm in Ocean County.

01-30-2008, 01:37 PM
Lucky you -- fewer cars down there I'm guessing. I commute 22 mi from Rutherford to Whippany, via I80 on the Uly, via Eagle Rock Rd (and other back roads) on one of my zero cc's if the forecast is nice (I have two Cannondales and a BikeFriday, with lots of obnoxious lights), just to stay in shape -- midlife for me too, so use it or lose it!

01-30-2008, 11:54 PM
I'm in jersey too, I commute from exit4 to 195 to the shore. (not on bike yet, I still have to get fully legal) but, I will probably take Rt70 up and back till she's brokein, only have 42 miles on it now.

Dont know which I like best, either the Firstgear, Tour Master Cortech or the Moto GTS 40/60/90's. All seem decent and are nicely priced.