View Full Version : "thinking" of selling the buell

02-21-2008, 03:46 AM
I've been thinking of selling my buell for sometime now. It is a 04 XB12R with roughly 14000 miles on it. It was a salvaged bike when I bought it, but the guy did a hell of a job fixing it up. I did have the 10k check up done to it at the local HD dealership.

Nov, 14 07, I was unfortunate to lay it down going 15mph around a corner. I have no idea what happened except midway through the corner I felt my bike loose traction and start to slide. Down I went...:( Nothing major happened to the bike. Broke off the front brake lever, scratched the header, scuffed the right handle bar, and the worst is the front fairing support broke right near the right turn signal. I picked the bike up and rod for about 55-60 miles afterwards. Going from fast to slow. No wobble at high speeds. I was happy about that at the time. Living in Iowa it is kind of chilly, so when things start to warm up I plan to JB weld the front fairing support back together. I have already the brake lever, and have new buell traction hand grips. Haven't put those on yet, because my garage door is frozen shut...:( As far as the header goes, it is alright untill I can find a good buy on a new/used one.

Now the reason i've been thinking about selling it is because I want a more comfortable bike for longer trips. Been thinking about the 08 busa. Rode a 03 before and thought it was pretty comfortable. Plus, there is actually a seat for the passanger to sit on. Not just a little pad! I know I wont be able to get into the corners and be as quick around corners, but then again i'm not racing or anything.

Like I said I am thinking about it. Not for sure yet on the whole deal. It is my first bike, and I do believe I have taken good care of it. If you know anyone that has been look for one let me know and I will consider it. Nothing will probably happen untill spring though.

My email is phrogg22_6@hotmail.com