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RSV Factory
08-05-2010, 04:27 AM
Hello guys.

I am reading few days all the topics and threads but unfortunately I got confused on few things and also I would like for some advice, let me explain.

I am about to get XB12SX - 2009. Now, because Buell and support for Buell has become limited I am afraid I will no longer be able to tune my Bully - correctly. Maybe I am wrong, I don't know should I be worrying or not or should I rush with all that or I can wait peacefully to buy a bike (this winter) and then go with the tuning.

There are few thing that are bugging me, but the most important is the mapping! I am from Croatia, Europe. Now, the combination I would like to have is:
1. Headers Free spirits (http://www.freespirits.it/prodotti.php?lang=2&cat_id=395)
2. Can Termignoni (http://www.twinmotorcycles.nl/webshop/artikelen/C1A58220-8C77-48FB-939C-49AA9B06A9A7.jpg)
3. Buell XB Ultimate Airbox (http://www.trojan-horse.co.uk/prods/96.html) or F.A.S.T. - i don't know where I can buy it now!

Ok, I must see if all this fits, but we come to a problem with mapping.
I know I can:
1. Tune stock ECM
2. Buy race ECM
Now, what do you suggest what I do and where can I do it?. I don't want to give 500,00 € just for re-mapping.
Also, I have learned that TPS needs to be reset but not for new models since they are self adjustable. Is this true?

I don't know if I made my post clear but, I need to know where I can tune my stock ECM which I think is better than buying racing ECM. Am I wrong?

Thanks all of you for helping me. Especially LeFOx who already helped me on PM! Respect!


RSV Factory
08-07-2010, 02:27 AM
OK, so here is my Intel I gathered so far. Not much but, something...

I contacted guys in freesprits and asked if freespirit combination with termignoni can be re-mapped by them and they said they are not working with termignoni, so either full system termignoni or this "silly" combination of mine is not gonna work at freespirits. Also, guys from twinmotorcyles - Netherlands can't do mapping as they don't have experience with termignoni - they don't have custom mapps. They however suggested the STAGE 1 kit, which will run my bike really smoothly (he told me he has done a lot o tests to put his kit into harmony. I think this work really nicely - but is very expensive.)

So, as my post was related to WHO can remap the ECM in Europe if one, let say take full termignoni system, I only find solution in Remus powerizer since it has the ability to readjust himself. It looks I am down to Remus powerizer. I red good stuff and some bad stuff about the product but it looks like is working.

I would like to ask: I don't want my bike run roughly, I want it to ride smoothly but with good sound and some torque and HP increase. Can I lean myself on Remus powerizer to adjust the ECM map with full termignoni system so that it works smoothly in harmony?

I will try to find more information and will share it, but it looks like for full termignoni map, it will be almost impossible to find made map.

About the Remus powerizer, can someone share a light on my question?