View Full Version : eBay: '06 XB9R $2,800

12-09-2010, 07:28 PM
Item #: 230560574354

You are looking at a 2005 buell XB9. This bike has a clear title. This bike is a repo that I bought from eaglemark finance which is harleys finance company. I bought 2 of these and was going to build a couple of redneck choppers. The bikes have been sitting for 6 months and I havent touched them and I dont see any free time in the near future so I have decided to sell them. The other one has already sold. This bike is in excellent condition. This bike is really to nice to turn into a chopper. Since they quit making these this could be a cheap future collectable. The wheels have been painted black and the lips have been polished. It has an aftermarket undertail, carbon fiber frame covers. The tires are good. Everything works and the bike runs great. The paint is in good condition. If you would like to come and see it or have any questions, my name is Rob and my cell # is 301-748-4127.