View Full Version : 2006 Ex Demo Bike

04-15-2008, 03:59 PM
Im whisker close to shaking hands on a 2006 XB12X Ex Demo bike with 2500k and a price tag of 5000 British pounds. Im getting 6 months Warranty and im going to ride it hard this season so if anything breaks its going to be during this 6 months I hope. I test rode it yesterday and realy enjoyed the bike but it was'nt running right, the dealer has pledged to give the bike a thorough going over before I take delivery and reset the efi etc . This leads me to my question:- Obviously as an ex demo its going to have had all kinds of riders on it including some tyre kickers who just wanted to try with no intention of buying one so chances are although its only done 2500k some of those are going to be hard Ks if you know what I mean. I know the risks but the price is swaying me, what do you guys think?