View Full Version : 02m2 won't go into first gear?????

12-22-2010, 04:25 AM
well it does seem like things come in 3's. lost two batteries because of 2 bad tenders, and almost lost a third because of a brand new deltran 800 which will get returned shortly but while running up to the VA the other day, not only was my battery starting to go because of that tender not working but then i couldn't get the bike to go into first all of a sudden. thank god these can get going in 2nd without major issues. but when i got back home, i was able to force it into first but couldn't start it up because the batter was going dead. it's been on the charger for a couple days now and hopefully saved the battery. bad enough i to buy 2 batteries. don't need to buy a 3rd. thanks in advanced for any help.