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05-07-2008, 10:20 PM
Howdy Folks. New here, just bought a well taken care of 2002 X1W, only 3400 miles. I'm familiar with HD's, having owned a 1200 Sportster Custom and a Road King, but the Buell has some characteristics all its' own (obviously). So, not having been provided with one from the dealer, I need an owner's manual. This board only has back to 2005, so I need to outsource. Any suggestions?

Just having ridden mine about 100 miles now, what a great bike. I have always kind of had this thing for the Buell, but never made it happen until the bug to own another bike hit me (along with getting socked with $400/month gas payments...[mad]!) 50 some odd MPG is pretty appealing when faced with the overall prospects. Anyway, happy to be here. Later, guys and girls! Ott'r