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06-08-2011, 05:37 PM
Due to a recent accident and resulting medical issues, I will no longer be able to ride motorcycles anymore. This bike has a clean (not salvaged) title. A little is owed to the bank, so they are still listed as the lienholder. Bike registered to 9/2011. Asking $5000, but willing to negotiate. While in the hospital my roommate was able to pick up and ride the bike home, and said it ran without any issues.

History: Bike previously in right side lowside accident in 10/2009 and was repaired by insurance at Faultline Harley Davidson in Fremont. 1000mi service performed at Faultline also. Bike bought new 9/2009, so 2yr warranty still effective until 9/2011. Currently has 4954mi on it and has not had 5K service yet.

Recent accident was also a right side lowside. The bike had Rizoma bar-ends and Dark Horse front & rear axle sliders which did their job. Here is what currently needs to be repaired:
Right turn signal and mirror broke off.
Front brake lever and clip-on are bent and need to be replaced.
Rear brake peddle broke and needs replacement.
Rear tire was due for replacement anyways (has emergency plug in it)

Small dent on the header tube from the rear cylinder (and black marks from the headers resting on my boots)
Right frame puck is scratched up and 2 small scratches on frame by puck
Left tail piece has prior gouges from being knocked over in a parking space by a car.
General swirl/surface scratch marks on remaining plastics that can be polished/detailed out.

The only mods I've done are a breather re-route with a custom Jet6 catch can, DDM 55W 5000K low and high beam conversion, 2010 Buell LED brake light/license plate light conversion, Rizoma Lux grips/bar ends/Reverse Retro mirrors (which are now toast).

Pricing the broken parts through dealer/Buellster/Iron Machine, it's about $170-200 to replace what is broken. I may just order the parts and fix myself when I heal a little more. A new tail piece plastic is around $120. I have a good number of pics under my profile, but here's a couple:


If there are some pics/angles you want to see that aren't in my profile, or have questions/want to check the bike out, just let me know.

06-14-2011, 01:02 PM
Dang man sorry about your accident. This still is a great looking price. Right now i am currently looking into getting one but I have to wait a while to save up. Good luck on the sale, bike still has a lot of potential!!!![up]

08-01-2011, 06:28 PM
Bike is still for sale. Haven't been trying too hard, until I got a majority of the parts replaced.

New levers, grips, clip-ons, bar end caps, brake pedal, tail piece plastic, frame pucks, right mirror, turn signals.