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11-04-2011, 06:41 PM
have a EBR racing ecm on my 08 1200 scg. has jardine pipe,and runs great every where but idle.It does all the normal things until it runs long enough to get all the way hot.from that point on,At lights ,the idle drops all the way down to 8000 and sometimes stalls.EBR has givin many things to check, but no results.Now they no longer re to my e mails.Any one else had this problem,and what did you do? Also reinstalled stock ecm and it idles fine no matter how hot it gets.Its my suspicion Its too rich or timeing is a little retarded,but have no way to check or fix it like bikes of the past.

11-04-2011, 06:46 PM
tps reset and idle relearn then a spitited 20 mile ride worked for me.did you get the race ecm or the ecm for the jardine pipe?

11-04-2011, 07:22 PM
Tps reset

Change plugs

Breather rerouting

Consider bad ecm

Also know that race ecms are either hit or miss. If your resources allowyou should tune YOUR BIKR in the area/altitude /temp WHERE YOU ride.

Try the tuniversity since ebr race ecms don't take this into account.

11-05-2011, 12:38 AM
Its the ebr ecm for jardine.Im considering hotter plugs, dont know if ill get detonation.Ive reset the tps many times to no avail.Im thinking mistuned ecm but EBR is not suggesting so.stock ecm doesnt do it,thats why I think its the tune.Thanks for your sugestions.

11-07-2011, 02:50 AM
A Stock ECM won't do that due to the maps and other areas set in the Preprogramed ECM.Good NGK-9 plugs the 9s are best for these bikes. You will get Decell popping with a Stock ECM.And some light Decell popping with a Race Style ECM.
The Decell popping won't hurt the Engine it's just fuel spent out the exhaust due to the Stock Exhaust is built differently.A longer Exhaust path is used for Stock Mufflers on these bikes. Depending on the year! The Erik Buell racing ECM is not perfect but you can reset TPS and set the idle to 1050rpms or 1,100RPMs depending on the year of Bike.
08+ bikes you have no idle screw.
Now if the Bike is Stalling at the Traffic Light or at a stop I just slightly bump it.I don't use mine Too much on the street. Mine Stalled the First time I got it and had to send it back. I have the Drummer SS and after I got it Back (ECM) it ran better but here and there it will get close to Stalling (if) I use it on the Street.
My Track Bike is a different deal. The preprogramed Race ECM is Really for Racing at a Track. When you use it on the Highway it will work really well.You are at constant Speed. When you get it into Traffic it will Sometimes Stall. IT's A (Race ECM). Not a Regular Everyday use ECM. If Anyone wants to use these ECMs on the Street then a Decision has to be Made. Pay Attention to the Guages some and if it comes down a little close to the Stalling point just slightly bring it up.
When you are using an ECM made for Track Duty theres' no Traffic lights !! Its' Balls out and Fun time.That is why Erik Buell puts RACE use Only on the ECM. We are all Lucky that Erik Buell even Cares, because Harley Davidson Sure doesn't. Erik is doing US all a favor by Even putting out this product for us to get some Extra bump out of the Throttle.He knows It's not perfect and it's almost impossible to get it that way. You can only do so much with Stock inner Engine parts.Otherwise you would blow it up in no time.
I use the programamble ECM with Software and ONLY on the Track. I hope you all will find that EBR does what is possible and its' up to us as Buellers to Accept that and improvise a little.
Have fun with it. If the Engine is Stalling just here and there just give it a little bump.
Now if it's really bad then send it back with a note and A Shipping fee. OR get with Octopus for some lessons on Tuning your Stock ECM . That should be done on each Bikes' Engine individually. *Jimi[up][cool]