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04-11-2012, 12:14 PM
I've got an 04 xb12r. 9100 miles.

I just did the breather re-route mod. And I also took the rubber pipe out of the side intake tract. I read with the re-route the bike will run a little ****ty for awhile.. I've put nearly thirty miles on it and it still seems slightly down on power. It's more prevalent when cruising at about 65-70 in fifth. Before if I would roll on the throttle, It would accelerate pretty well. Now it's noticeably slower and even the exhaust sounds different. It's not a huge dramatic decrease, but like I said, noticeable. Any thoughts?

Also if someone could direct me to a clear, concise discussion on ECM's that'd be great.
I'm looking to get the K&N and a Jardine. EBR race ECM's are out of stock. Even the reprogrammable expensive one. With that, ASB sells the ECM spy cable, but also mentions that ECMspy is no longer available as a freeware download. So where would I get that? I'm not too intimidated by doing it on my own. Plenty of great resources here and all over the web. Plus all the downloadable maps much smarter guys have already made.(where are those downloadable from too?)

Lastly, the thing on top of the air box..exhaust valve servo? Don't laugh if I'm way off haha.

This my first bike and most of my knowledge lies in cars. Some of which is easily translated to here.

Any help would be great. Thanks guys.

04-11-2012, 01:12 PM
Interesting to hear a decrease in acceleration. My breather re route did the exact opposite. I noticed smoother idle and fixed the hic-ups I had every now and then. As far as ecm, you can copy the race map to yours with the cable and save some $ by doing that. Ecm spy is still easy to find...just need the cable. And under general motorcycle talk look for a thread called "150 links". Should be a sricky up at the top and youll find lots more info and where to find everything. Welcome and good luck.[up]

04-11-2012, 01:26 PM
Perhaps you should look at the breather re route modification, just search the forum there is a how to guide. Go over it step by step, from beginning to end, perhaps there is something you overlooked.