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05-06-2012, 07:50 PM
Blue ’08 Buell XB12XT MANY EXTRAS, a 10/10 w/4170 miles in Redmond, WA $9,000

I have a very well cared for 2008 Buell XB12XT that has been stored in a garage and gone through with a fine tooth comb by Kevin Garrison at Downtown Harley Davidson in Renton, Washington. (Buell Master Mechanic)

What this means is that you are not purchasing a bike that has issues hiding waiting to come out... it is solid, reliable, tuned, and running perfectly.

If you are looking for a mint, low mileage, clear title, XB12XT that you do not have to worry about this is it.

I am including a conservative $3000 in extras. (Not including money spent on service by a quality Buell Master Mechanic)

The stock foundation includes:
Hi/Lo/Off Heated Grips
Two 12v Power Outlets
Large Removable Saddle Bags and Trunk
Hydraulic Lifters
Belt Drive

I will start with the upgrades from the windshield to the tires.

Wind Protection:
Palmer Products Tall Clear Windshield
Palmer Products Adjustable Windshield Bracket w/ Tool-less Adjustment Option, Brace Kit, and Black Powder Coating
Palmer Products Black Powder Coated Screen Baffle
Memphis Shades Fairing Lowers & Mounting Kit

Handle Bars:
Kaoko Throttle Lock w/ included Bar End Weights
Palmer Products Hand Guard Extensions
Foam Handgrips (Extra Damping & Conductor for Heated Grips)
RAM Tall Handlebar Mount for any electronic device (GPS, Phone, etc..)

Steering Head Assembly:
Serviced for peace of mind by KG @ DTHD

HID light conversion for Low Beam (35w Ballast, H7 4300K)
H7 Hyper Halogen Bulb for High Beam (55w, 4000K)
Wired to safely run both low & high beams on “High Setting” by KG @ DTHD

Front Forks:
Replaced fork oil for peace of mind by KG @ DTHD

Highway Pegs:
Palmer Products Highway Peg Frame w/ Knurled Pegs (all black powder coated)

American Sportbike Re-Breather bypass kit
Buell Racing ECM Tuned specifically for this setup
Alto High Performance Clutch Plates (Same Used in Buell Racing Bikes w/ Lifetime Warranty)
Drummer Slip-on Exhaust w/ Upgraded Lifetime Muffler Packing (Retains use of the Chin Fairing)
NGK Iridium Sparkplugs
New Harley Sparkplug Wires
Buell Comfort Kit (Additional Heat Guards & Engine Air Scoop)

Electrical Grounds & Connections:
Had them all checked and serviced for peace of mind by KG @ DTHD

Harley Davidson Battery (5 months old)

Replaced front and rear wheel bearings with new style for peace of mind by KG @ DTHD

Michelin Pilot Road 3 Front & Rear

Buell Specific Tools and Accessories Included:
Buell Stock Touring Windshield & Mounts
Buell Stock ECM
Buell XB12XT Manual w/ Suspension Calibration Chart
Buell XB12XT Service Manual
Harley Davidson Formula+ Primary Fluid (6 quarts)
Amsoil 20W-50 Advanced Synthetic Motor Oil (9 quarts)
3 WIX Oil Filters
K&N Filter Re-Charge Kit

Available for Sale with or w/o the bike:
$165 Pitbull Front Stand for Buell XB series
$145 Pitbull Rear Stand for Buell 1125 series, XB12X, and XB12XT
$115 American Sportbike Catch Can for Buell XB series

This is a perfect example of a Buell XB12XT that will make someone very happy.

I am selling it because it is a toy and I want to pay off some debt... I’m not behind... the creditors are not knocking on my doors... it is just the responsible thing for me to do in this season of my life.

If you are thinking of other bikes I will throw my .02 cents out there... every time I think I want the latest and greatest with 300 horsepower; electronic cruise, traction, wheelie control; or a better sofa for my wife... I go test ride whatever it is I think will be a Bigger Better Deal only to realize nothing can touch the Buell from an all-round perspective.

It handles like its on rails... quick comfortable transitions with excellent stability.
Can commute very comfortably with a commanding riding position.
Has outstanding power characteristics that includes a very broad torque band and satisfying top end.
Gets a real-world 40mpg average with bags, large shield in highest position, and fairing lowers.
Effortless to ride with a very lightweight feel.
Very unique (under 2000 built for all years), sounds awesome, looks cool.
Reliable as a stone axe and will run forever.

Feel free to call or email me with any questions!


Thank you for looking!

I am flattered so many agencies want to sell my bike for me... but please, if you are an agency, do not call or email me. I will be selling this myself.