View Full Version : '09 XB12s Tuning in Charlotte, NC area

Bull Gear
06-11-2012, 03:20 PM
I just scored a badass '09 XB12scg. It has been fully carbon fibered and has a Special Ops exhaust and a K&N/open filter box.
I'm sure it could benefit from an ECM tune. I would rather not invest a ton of time and money tweaking it to the max, but I do expect to see an improvement in economy, power and driveability.

I'm pondering my options...
1- I already have the Direct Link software/dongle/cable but I don't want to tune from scratch. I guess I could use Tuniversity.
2- Take it to a local shop that knows what they are doing, but I don't know of one. Any referrals?
3- Buy an EBR race ECM.

Any other suggestions?
What would Jesus do?
Right now, I'm kinda leaning toward an EBR race ECM.