View Full Version : 2010 XB12R rearsets? and spec ops muffler Q

07-20-2012, 10:12 AM
Hello everyone I have owned a 2003 xb9r and unfortunately a very smart lady took an unprotected left turn without looking (I t-boned her at 50 because she turned as my front tire hit the first crosswalk line, she hit the brakes and there was an escalade right next to me so I was boxed in) and totaled out my bike so I have upgraded now that i have recovered, I now have a 2010 XB12R. I had a set of woodcraft rear sets on my 03 9r but I want to get a much better set this time around for my 12r. so far I can't find a company that makes a set for 2010 models, unless rear sets for previous years are compatible with the 2010 model.

I also had a spec ops pipe on my 9r but it had only been on for 3days before the bike reached its death site. It seemed as if my bike was starting to adjust to the new muffler without a tune but I wasn't sure if the xb12r would have any problems adjusting to the back pressure if I were to install a spec ops pipe on it. I really want a sweet muffler but I'm deathly afraid of tuning the bike because I don't want to mess anything up since the bike only has 3000 miles on it.

If anyone could recommend me a couple of rear sets to check out that would be awesome and i have been researching pipes a ton on this site, so far but I haven't seen anything I like too much over the spec ops but I would like some recommendations anywhere and reasoning behind why you like a different pipe/rearset setup. Any tips/hints about installing a spec ops for the xb12r if it is going to be different than how the xb9r was would be excellent as well


07-20-2012, 02:08 PM
KEDA pipe if you have $600

07-20-2012, 02:17 PM
I have really enjoyed my Rizoma rearsets. Extremely nice construction and good looking too! All XB rearsets will work on all XB models and years

07-22-2012, 08:42 PM
The Rizoma rear sets look very badass[up], does it eliminate the rod end bearing used to shift ? Woodcraft kept the rod end bearing system for shifting gears and at one point mine had snapped just because of the rough system; however I've heard the new xb bikes are much smoother anyway

The Keda sounds good but it seems as if you would have to tune the ecm. as far as tuning or programming the ecm, would the ebr programmable ecm kit be the race ecm ? or are those two different things. I see that you can order a preprogrammed ecm but it just seems smarter to purchase the kit so that you can edit the bike if you ever decide to add or take away anything.

07-22-2012, 10:31 PM
They (EBR) don't have a tune for the pipe yet since I haven't sent them one. They have 2 of mine now and have had them for quite a while. Not sure I need to send even more there if they're that busy. You could use Tunerpro RT to do the tuning yourself if you want to do the programming on your own anyway.

The race ecm still runs lean throughout most of the rpm range with one of my pipes.