View Full Version : wont idle without assist. all sorts of $#%&

08-08-2012, 03:33 AM
I hope IM not like a broken record in posting this... IM a pretend mechanic, I'll start with that.

Problem I'm having is if/when i get it to start it chokes sputters and normality dies. If i can reach my short little arms around i can manually Rev it with the... throttle thing near the idle screw. Works OK, backfires a bit. But when i let go or try the throttle handle it just dies.

I just put a vane and Hines pipe on it, but it was doing that before the installation. Im wondering if it's the cover on the left side that goes over the air filter?
Oh sorry, its a 2007, that's the only modification i pit on it. Was working fine Ish. Please help, i wanna ride!!