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08-15-2012, 07:50 AM
I drained all my primary oil, replaced it with 20w50 harley oil. i changed my clutch cable in the process. after i adjusted the clutch with the adjustment screw, i started the bike, shifted to 1'st and there is a whining coming from the primary now. wasn't there before. does not do it in neutral. only when i shift it into first. i loosened the adjuster up until the clutch was bassicaly always enganged and it still makes the noise. tightened the adjuster kinda tight and it still makes the noise. i have no idea whats going on. could i have thrown my primary out of adjustment?

also it never seems like the clutch is fully engaged no matter how tight i make the adjuster screw. it keeps wanting to lurch forward.

08-16-2012, 09:32 AM
First re-adjust the Primary Chain at the TWO Screws inspection cover Engine off and kinda cooled off. the Adjuster under the Bottom of the Transmission make sure of the Adjustment. There are Manuals here on the Forum to Download if you like or just to read.
check the top of the page for that, the Transmission over the years really hasn't changed all that much So you can use the Manuals as a Guide.Don't overtighten the Primary Chain it needs about 1/4 of an Inch of play (up & Down movement) push up with your finger to check that [Key out] of the ignition and cold Engine if possible..
Now re-adjust the Cable at the Rubber Boot slide up & up Front by the header with the TWO wrenches .This will help with Enguaging and Disenguaging. Remove the Derby Cover and 3/screws and spring and parts etc.,. Re-adjust the Clutch Basket LAST if needed. [Before] you do that you might want to try and watch the Action of the Clutch Lever as you pull it Smoothly and release it watch the cable where it attaches to the Ramp assembly inside the Transmission, there should be [in Neutral]Engine off slight slack when completely released.
You may have to start over on the Adjustments so take your time Cable & Clutch Lever first. Welcome to the Forum. The Lever at the Perch should have when Released about 1/16 of an Inch play where it is fully released. Once you get that correct then check the same amount of slack(play) down at the Cable where it Attaches to the Ramp.All that can be done from the Front Adjuster at the Header with the Usually TWO wrenches.
The Clutch Basket Adjustment may need to be lessened( turned counterclockwise, till it slips then Adjusted to Enguage properly. Small Things First!Once you get it to Enguage properly then move onto the Noise you are worried about.
It could be you will need to check the Voltage at the Battery Connections While Idling.Making sure the Stator is working properly.You can also get a piece of clean hose and put it to the Primary Cover and listen while it is making the noise be safe with that. [After] you get the other work done. Take your Time. Good Luck. *Jimi

08-16-2012, 05:21 PM
thanx man I'll try and give a shot this weekend. I'll post back on here with the results. thanks again jimi

08-16-2012, 06:43 PM
also it never seems like the clutch is fully engaged no matter how tight i make the adjuster screw. it keeps wanting to lurch forward.

check the lip of the primary cover behind the ball ramp assy. it may be cracked or broken, same symptions i had when mine cracked. but i don't know if it's same on a Blast (i just noticed this is in the Blast section)