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08-16-2012, 11:01 PM
Hey guys -

Odd performance issue. 2001 Blast.

When the bike first starts, it will start just fine, idle, and be happy. Occasionally backfires once or twice when reving in idle but quickly moves past it.

I then put it in first and go about 25 yards. While giving it some gas, it'll start shutter (no backfire). Too much gas and it stalls. If I ease off the throttle, let it go back to idling, then slowly give it gas, it'll backfire a few times and generally return to 'normal'.

Sometimes as I'm riding I have the same issue where I'm giving it the throttle at about 25mph and the bike stutters and eventually recovers. Sometimes need to pull over and let it idle, rev, backfire, then it runs fine.

Seems to happen more so in low RPM when I'm just getting started. Sometimes takes about 30 seconds for it to be able to rev up.

Majority of the time it rides just fine.

Has new sparkplug, good gas, and boot.

Thoughts? It's driving me nuts.

Thank you!