View Full Version : 05 blast runs poorly and blows oil

08-17-2012, 11:40 PM
I'm working on an 05 blast for a friend. He aquired the bike from a kid who ran it out of oil, then ran it with too much oil, blew the rocker box apart, then parked it for 9 months. He replaced the rocker box and couldn't get it running, so now I'm stuck with fixing it. I ran a compression test and came up with 90 psi, dumped some oil in the cylinder and it came up to 150 psi. So I did a ring job, cylinder bore looked good so I just did the rings and appropriate gaskets.

After that, it started, but refused to idle and ran like crap. So I pulled the carb and cleaned it out, set the float to 0.45 inches and set the TPS to .493 volts. Now it runs "better"... sort of.

It's a little hard to start, once you do get it started it seems ok with throttle. Let off the throttle and it idles really high for about 30 seconds to a minute, then slowly starts to bog and finally dies. This happens with or without air cleaner assembly and happens cold or hot. It's spitting what I assume to be fuel vapor out the carb and loads of oil WERE coming out of the PCV line in the air cleaner. I drained the oil, replaced the filter, and put in 1.5 qts 60 wt oil. Now it doesn't spray out the PCV line quite so bad, but still does. Also, what's coming out isn't totally oil, seems a little white and foamy, but not like water. Running issue hasn't changed.

One thing I noticed on the carb was the white plastic head on the slide was slightly burnt on one side, but it still moved freely and the kit didn't come with a slide/diaphram.

Now you know what I know. Please, somebody help me, I need to get this pig out of my garage, but it needs to be running right first.