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10-12-2012, 07:22 AM
Hello to all
I'm French so forgive my translation ....
I have a 2010 Buell XB12SX (with 2 probes) configuration is under U.S. and exhaust REMUS.
Here, I will wish to ask the exhaust from my old XB9 a RACE.
Is this a good thing?
Do you have a link to someone who has put this setup on his XB 2010?
Is there a RACE ECM 2010 for this configuration?
Or is it possible to do this regularize ?
I Thank You in advance for any response
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10-12-2012, 07:34 AM
You can get a new ecm from erik buell racing for your setup. http://www.erikbuellracing.com/store/models/xb12/xb12-preprogrammed-ecm.html

Because you have a 2010 i think you need to use ecmspy mono if you want to do it yourself, and Im not familiar with that at all since I have a 2004.

10-12-2012, 08:16 AM
It's much simpler just to order the ECM or talk to theoctopus about a tune

10-12-2012, 08:30 AM
Thank you so ideally I need this ECM
Is a member of the American Buell forum this configuration? Or elsewhere?
In France, it has never seen ...

10-12-2012, 08:41 AM
I'm not sure what you mean,

The ECM will work with your bike if you tell them what you have.

10-12-2012, 09:09 AM
mail sent to theoctopus

10-12-2012, 09:16 AM

10-16-2012, 08:01 AM
salut corublacko, toi aussi tu cherches les infos chez les "vrais" buellistes :D

10-29-2012, 11:21 AM
Oui mais je cherche toujours......

10-29-2012, 11:48 AM
Ptit UP of France

Do you have any information about my setup RACE BUELL XB12SX on a 2010?
Configuration: Exhaust RACE + Mapping RACE


10-29-2012, 04:18 PM
avez-vous récemment acheter ce pot d'échappement? avez-vous acheté des États-Unis?

11-24-2012, 04:03 AM
Je l'ai acheté il y a 1 ans en France (c'est un origine XB12 2006) je dois rajouter la sonde supplémentaire, vers le cylindre avant)

I bought one years ago in France (it is an original XB12 2006) I have to add the additional sensor towards the front cylinder)