View Full Version : Stalling during cold start warm up

10-26-2012, 05:18 PM
I've fixed the issues that I was having previously, turns out they were electrical problems.

The bike runs great, except during cold start warm up, the bike will randomly stall out and back fire (when throttle is applied).

Anybody know what the issue could be?

10-26-2012, 05:31 PM
Mine does the same thing I don't worry about it. I figure its just the computer changing to the cooler air

10-26-2012, 05:33 PM
In cold weather I let my bike warm up for 10 mns before I touch the throttle. You might try letting it run longer before riding it. I've had good success with mine. 6 years and 37,000 miles. Good luck

10-27-2012, 12:30 AM
i dunno how you are with the ecmspy/tunerpro, but you could take a peak at what your cold start enrichment is like and what your temp readings are at cold start.

10-28-2012, 12:36 AM
cleve,if your bike is stalling when you first start the Engine and touch the Throttle , for riding off, then most likely your Throttle position Sensor could be in need of Resetting. Depending on miles maybe in need of replacing. Not sure of your year of bike let us know so we can better help you. The Idling of your bikes Engine is Very important for your Engine to respond to [any] Throttle Response.
TPS Reset is not that hard to do but does reQuire some learning. Your Spark Plugs are Important also. NGK-DCPR9EIX is a good Spark Plug for better Starting , easy on the Spark Plugs Threads on the Buells Cylinder Threads. Also when changing your Oil Fluid or Transmission Fluid just snug the Drain plugs so as not to strip them out.
Also the Stock Plugs are fine as well. NGK plugs have a Small TIP or Electrode so it is easy to damage if the wrong Plug Gapper is used. Wire Gapper is best for checking.TO/35 ths., is the best area setting for gapping.There is plenty of Videos here you can view [Daves DIY videos all in one thread] worded just like that, here on the Forum will be of help to you.Not sure of your skills so from the top is usually best. Manuals also at the top of the page for down loading and many areas still pertain to the bike have been kept closely the same with small changes. Welcome to the Forum.Ride Safely.*Jimi

10-29-2012, 06:41 PM
Hi all, thanks for the input.

@themelvster - I've never used any sort of tuning software. I will keep it in mind though for potential use. I found a video that is highly detailed and seems easy enough for even a beginner to follow.

@jimjeans - The bike is an 01' with just over 5k miles. The bike will still stall while warming up even when no throttle is applied. It however doesn't backfire unless throttle is added.

My next attempt at troubleshooting this was to purchase a IXU01-27 Spark Plug (http://www.amazon.com/Denso-IXU01-27-Iridium-Racing-Spark/dp/B000M6SSRO). Would you prefer the NGK-DCPR9EIX? Also, is it always advised to check the plug gap even when your buying a recommended plug?

As far as my skill set is concerned, I am well versed enough to find my way around a vehicle or a bike. I've done most light servicing on my previous vehicles and all of the work on my bike thus far. The service manual comes in great handy.


10-30-2012, 08:28 PM
Now that I know your Year of Bike, the plugs you are already going to use is just fine.
Yes you always check the gap on even a new plug so you don't have the problem of removing and regapping after the First install. Sometimes certain Spark Plugs if Installed improperly Gapped will Harden and resetting May OR not stay Gapped properly because the Heat has Set in a type of Hardness to the Fresh Metal .
Wire Gapper is a Good Gapper to have when you use an Spark Plug that The Electrode is good but Fragile at the tip usally because it is Tappered or Thin. The Engine on the Bike you have is a Decent one make sure to use AmsOil 20/50 in the Engine if possible to protect it from the Wear and Heat issues with AirCooled Engines. RedLine in the Tranny will do a Good Job when you get around to Servicing again.AmsOil will work in the Transmission Too.
Check Your TPS or Throttle Position Sensor when you can usually the poping and twisting of the Throttle is A Telling Sign of if the TPS or something Simple but easy to overlook That is Hopefully all it needs. The Intake Gaskets may need to be checked before you Replace anything. Spray some (while idling COLD) some Carb Spray at the intake Gaskets to see if it Rises in Idle letting you know that a[ possible] leak is present.I always say SMALL Things First!
Throttle position Sensor Usually is a Culprit in that Area but hard to tell by just the Posting on the Forum so I and many Others here will always Try to give someone Several Areas to check. If you use the Carb Spray Please be Carefull and Clean it off the Engine before you move on to the Next Diagnousis. Let us know how it works out. Hope it is an Easy Fix. *Jimi

11-03-2012, 12:06 PM
45 primary is good - up it to that, that plug - the racing iridium is the best, Could well be just Das Boot for the other symptoms, try tightening, but may need replacing.