View Full Version : Just did Uly 06 exhaust upgrade ! question though

12-10-2008, 12:18 AM
I just did a few upgrades on my 06 ulysses. I put in a K+N air filter, and installed a jardine slip on. I wasnt sure what to do with the cable hangin from my old pipe-is it o.k to cut it up top where it connects on the air box hood. Is there anything I'm forgetting with this mod? Also wondering about ecm's, I have heard a few bad reports about the screaming eagle, or race ecm's that the engine stutters at high speed.Should I go with the software and cable adapter, and just remap my own? Hoping to get these mods all done by springtime!! Thanks to anyone who can help me out!!

12-10-2008, 02:07 AM
I just did same thing but did not get k&n just put jardine on, opened air box up and got race ecm.it runs pretty good but still needs a bit of remaping made mistake of downloading a copy of race ecm put it in my stock ecm and loaded a virus [sad][mad][sad] but if i had to do it again i would deffently just remap if you follow all instructions with ecm spy and get megalog veiwer it is pretty simple to remap i would start with a copy of race map not whole program like i did. ilisted site where i got bad ecm program from on do it your self post WARNING plus with ecm spy you can do tps reset and diagnostics with out paying a dealer [up] good luck

12-10-2008, 02:44 PM
Thanks Wulf I will look into an ecm spy, any recommendations on where to purchase that? also what did you do about that exhaust cable, just remove it?

12-10-2008, 03:17 PM
ECMspy.com = free download. Have to buy or make you a Duetsch-USB connector cable. Just go the the website: ECMspy homepage (http://www.ecmspy.com/) and start reading the internal links. The more you read the more you understand what you'll be doing and what you need.

Also might do a search on here for ECMspy. It's a common topic here and most likely any question you have, has already been answered. Ask if you need help.

12-10-2008, 11:48 PM
If you go the Ecmspy direction Check Xopti's web site link (http://xoptiinside.com/)He has some custom fuel maps for your set up and if that will not work he can help you out and get you where you need to go. Mikes a good dude and just a Bueller trying to help other Buellers out.

12-11-2008, 02:18 AM
As far as the cable i just cut one end yanked it out. i played with it for about a 1/2 hour trying to fish it out with out any luck unless i wanted to tear alot of crap out of the way

12-11-2008, 05:02 AM
Thanks Gator, after reading the directions at the ecm spy.com site I was honestly feeling a little overwelmed + intimidated. Almost considered the thoughts of buying the race ecm, but I would still have to pay the dealer for diagnostics, or the tps resets, so forget that. I took a quick look at Xopti's website, and WOW it looks to be very Helpful for my situation. I am going to order a spy cable and do a little more reading on Xopti's site to see where I need to go next... Florida sounds good - its cold up here in Pennsyltucky. thanks for all the help, this is a cool site.