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03-26-2013, 11:02 PM
Update 23-3-2013 Our daily driver test pilot is in the house 10.000 KM with our prototype new style Buell and Sportster intake manifold flange: http://www.twinmotorcycles.nl/artikelen.asp?cid=18&aid=189 And NO LEAKING. Wonderful. Now we go in production Finally after 1,5 year testing http://www.twinmotorcycles.nl/artikelen.asp?cid=18&aid=189


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03-26-2013, 11:21 PM
Nice looking parts, its clear from the pictures in the article you linked to that the seals are not clamping evenly and seal leakage is happening,,, never a good thing to have an intake leak, good way to runi your day with a holed piston, I cant help but wonder how much this effects/affects the running of these computer controlled bikes as it tries to compensate.

so 2 questions on this topic.

#1) how much for the seals and manifold flange kit?

#2) isnt there other companys such as S&S, or others offering upgraded flanges and seals?

I would have to look, but im pretty sure i saw some in the latest volume of the "Sportster Performance Handbook" by Buzzelli. I read the first 2 vols, and wading thru vol 3 right now.

regardless, looks like a well made part. thank you for supporting the industry and enthusiasts.

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