View Full Version : Hard start cold, idle races when hot

05-09-2013, 10:04 PM
2003 Blast currently 3,960 miles. Owned since last Fall at 2,4XX miles. Buell Pro Series intake, Vance&Hines exhaust. No idea how it is jetted because I bough it this way. Bike is extremely hard to start when cold (I'm in SoCal, so it doesn't freeze overnight or anything) drained the battery cranking twice. Seems to help when I stop cranking for a short period before cranking again, and quick-but-not-complete-closing of throttle seems to initiate the engine actually starting, if only for a moment. Takes a minute of revving before it will idle. Cuts out momentarily and regularly while revving to warm up. Idle is very low when cold. As bike warms up, idle gets higher and higher. I would estimate up to between 2000-3000 RPM. Seems to run well/normall otherwise. Averaging 50 MPG and I hit 95 MPH and bounced off the rev limiter in 5th yesterday, so power is good. Where do I look?
Also, oil consumption seems to be a little high at roughly 1/4 quart every 150-200 miles. I've been putting in MOBIL 1 motorcycle 20w-50. Could it not be broken in yet? It has seen a lot of high-speed highway since I have had it. Checked the oil temp 5 minutes after shutdown today and it was just over 170F.

05-12-2013, 01:03 AM
Clarification: I would say it is actually backfiring (light to moderate. Not super loud), not cutting out while revving to warm it up/keep it running.
Throw me a bone here guys...no ideas?
Is the auto-choke hooked up backwards? Anything I can check?