View Full Version : Exhaust clamps

04-04-2014, 11:51 AM
Yay! What an unbelievable experience!

Drove around Tuesday to every hose supplier, agricultural store in my area and nobody had clamps exactly like the Buell exhaust ones. I was told, sorry, HD for you!

I have to replace all 3!

Trolled internet and found a company on the other side of the country (up North).

After back and forth with pics and measurements I got this:

And the email from the rep:
"Hi Waldo, I will send down three complimentary samples for you to pick up at our distributor below. If we ship tomorrow hopefully they will be in Cape town on Friday Morning.

If they are right, we don’t want any payment just “pay the benefit forward” by donating to Charity or a deserving beggar or cause you come across."

So happy! You don't see this in business anymore!

Paid forward the first part by taking my local paper seller for breakfast this morning and will also sponsor him with rain suit for winter selling.