View Full Version : 2002 Buell Blast carb and idle issues

09-20-2014, 08:20 PM
I am working on my wife's 2002 Buell Blast which she purchased new. The only performance item on the bike is a Buell performance exhaust from Buell and carb was jetted. The bike has just under 2000 miles and has run like crap since new, took it to 2 different dealers with no success over the years. So here's the problem. Just cleaned the carb again, drained the tank, put in fresh gas, cleaned out all jets in carb installed carb, new intake boot. When the bike starts the idle is low and varies and will cough out the carb when giving it gas. Mixture screw does absolutely nothing, turn it in all the way, turn it all the way out or set it at 2 turns out with no results. As the bike warms up, idle picks up, twist the throttle, bike picks up rpm but takes quite some time to come back to idle {blast carbs have no accelerator pump}. Once bike is warm and restarting RPM goes through the roof, idle speeds up almost like a lean condition on a two stroke. Checked for leaks around the intake, intake boot and carb with no success. Any help would be appreciated, I know my way around Harley's quite well and I am stumped, she wants to start riding it again but it's that unreliable and actually dangerous to ride. Good thing the kill switch is next to the throttle.

09-22-2014, 02:21 PM
What jets do you have? You should be running 45/175 unless you're at 5k+ altitude.

Set idle mix screw to 2-1/2 turns out.

Make sure your auto-enricher is properly adjusted.

Make sure that your needle jet is installed properly (should extend ~1/8" into throat).

09-22-2014, 09:39 PM
Carbs jetted and adjusted correctly, have to double check the auto enricher, but never touched it.