View Full Version : Carb kit?

11-11-2014, 09:36 PM
Considering the purchase of a 2002 Blast. Has been sitting for 2 years in a garage. We got it started this morning after changing the gas. The problem is that it leaks gas from the carb through the air filter. Even just sitting without running the gas is flowing out of the filter. I'll assume that this is a stuck float? When I rebuild the carb do I need a rebuild kit? Are there any gaskets for the carb that come with this kit? Can I just remove the carb, clean it and put it back together without new parts. Sooner or later I would rebuild the carb with new parts but to purchase the bike and get it home can I just do a "pull it out, clean it, put it back together" scenario?

Thanks for your help and suggestions. If you have a link to a rebuild kit please let me know.