View Full Version : Big bore or no?

02-26-2015, 12:24 AM
I have recently aquired info that the big bore kit is just a waste of money and XB parts are the way to go. Hmm if this is true what kind of power difference are we talking here?

02-26-2015, 12:58 AM
Save your money and get a 600 if you want to get a little more hp. Or an xb, 1125, or a liter bike of sorts. Never understood why someone would dump money into a blast. But, if you must and are on a budget and just want to boost the ride you have now, then big bore until your hearts content.

02-26-2015, 02:54 AM
Everybody says the same thing but I like my bike just want more power out of it! I will have a bigger bike coming soon but that doesnt mean Im not gonna make my blast the demon it should be!

03-04-2015, 04:58 AM
Yes it is a few more horses and they are noticeable - being a single - most changes are noticeable. Nice thing about it is that if you clock your rings properly, oil consumption disappears. You could also go XB9 piston and head - for even a few more, add the XB cam, a C5 ignition with SE 5 & 9 curves - rpm set to 8000, and you'll be cooking with steam heat!!! Of course this all asumes a non-stock header/exhaust - not V&H, and non-stock intake as well.

03-04-2015, 05:02 AM
For example - my bike.