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06-11-2007, 07:27 PM
looking for a ecm that will give me a higher mph and that will get me there quicker. the bike has plenty of bottom end,i want more top end

06-12-2007, 12:45 AM
You can pretty much have either faster or quicker, but not both. I don't think, unless you have a custom remap of the entire ECM, that anything will increase the rev limiter beyond 7k. I think that's where my Race unit cuts off. You'd have to regear the bike with a chain setup to get higher terminal velocity, but you'll lose acceleration doing it.

06-12-2007, 04:44 PM
yea. but still need a suggestion on a ecm hat will increase hose power and not torque

06-12-2007, 06:34 PM
wont happen

02-05-2008, 11:42 PM
Maybebuell that wasn't a good answer. It depends how much money you have to tell you the truth. Just put this in your pipe and smoke it:
An engine can continue to make horsepower as long as RPM is increasing faster than torque is falling.
When you have peak torque in the RPM, you have the greatest Volumetric efficiency of the cylinders.
Volumetric effieciency is the ability to fill the cylinders with mixture."
So If your looking to get more out of your cylinders. Start looking around where they are currently dropping off in torque, but actually you need to aim at an rpm range slightly below that,

its about Compression, and Timing.

I can't tell you what you need but maybe you have a better idea of what your looking for in the way of parts.
But hey, everything flows better with a little shaving and polishing.
or hell, big bore, flat pistons, aluminum filled heads, turbo, bored injectors, its about science and your pocketbook sir.

02-05-2008, 11:47 PM
P.S. It means until you get it to rev higher through mods.
Short shift it. these bikes like it better and go faster than, "how much faster it sounds at 6k" at lower rpm.

( to get a high reving xb you might need this crankshaft http://www.racingmotorcycles.com/products.asp?id=&pg=6)

02-06-2008, 11:26 AM
( to get a high reving xb you might need this crankshaft http://www.racingmotorcycles.com/products.asp ...

to get what you want you will need alot more hardware than just the ECM.
if you have that...i would suggest remapping the oem one.

but then again, why buy buell if you want a high rev engine??? [confused]

02-06-2008, 01:06 PM
erkblack, You are on the wrong bike buddy. If you want high top end you need to sell your bike and get a Gixxer or R1 or something. These aren't mean to go over 140mph. That is why they are built the way they are. They are what the true meaning of a street bike is. Pure power from idle to redline. If you want speed get the bike that doesn't gain any power until mid way through its rpm range.

Just so you know there is no such thing as an ECM that will give you top end power. These are low revving bikes and will never be a high revving bike.