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06-05-2015, 07:36 PM
04 xb12r I am installing the 90ci big bore kit running a custom piston to get a compression ratio of around 13:1. I am wondering if anybody has any info on a more radical cam for the bike, tunning will be the next step and I don't know who to go to for that. I use the bike primarily to ride to the drag strip and will occasionally ride the street just for fun, any info would be great

06-05-2015, 09:36 PM
There aren't many options for cams on the XB motors because they are timed reversed from a Sportster. Basically the most common option is the Zippers Redshift cams. They have different profiles...most common among XB's is the Redshift 585's. But they do have even more aggressive profiles. The basically take your stock cams, machine of the lobes and weld on their new lobes. I have the Redshift 567 cams in my xb9. I'm happy with them. I would suggest stiffening up that bottom end if you are planning on running that much compression. You could always put an 08+ crank in it. Have it plugged and welded, some nice rods. You just need to have the timing mark milled onto the 08+ cranks and also use the front primary drive for the 08+ crank and it'll bolt right into a 07 and earlier bottom end. It's got a bigger crank pin that really makes it a nice stout piece.

06-05-2015, 10:48 PM
I have heard so many things about that crank swap some say it's the only way to go and it's easy and some have told me the crank in it is fine and it's not worth all the trouble but that is something I'm on the fence about, if I do go that route I'll get the rods to fit the 1.5 crank pin. I really want it to hold up no point in spending all the cash to just have something in the lower end fail