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Xb9 dan
06-08-2015, 09:58 AM
Hello from Denmark
just bought a xb9s and like the style and Sound and here you almost never meet a Buell it but i want a little more sound and have a spare 03 xb12 exhaust i want to modify but do i have to program my ecm ?
Thanks Claus

06-15-2015, 01:18 PM
i have found as far as others say you might not need to reprogram the pcm. especially if it runs good and already has an aftermarket can on it. I can only assume cause these bikes don't sound good without a pipe. im not even sure the xb 12 muff will bolt right on, probably would thou

06-15-2015, 01:40 PM
All XB mufflers have the same inlet diameter, except for the euro models

06-15-2015, 07:09 PM
from my reading the 9 and 12 have different inlet sizes. so a 9 muffler cant go on a 12 and a 12 can go on a 9 but i dont think it will clamp enough to seal.

06-15-2015, 10:00 PM
^^^^^^ what oh9bolt said muffles you can interchange but the pipes are different size at the heads, but at the muffler they are the same.

06-15-2015, 10:53 PM
really, hmm

06-15-2015, 11:11 PM
US version xb9 headers 1 5/8" primaries and 2" merge. US version xb12 headers 1 3/4" primaries 2" merge. I'm not sure of specs on Euro models.

06-15-2015, 11:30 PM
i thought about getting a 12 muffler cause it has the valve and making it too where its always open on my 9 too make it louder. that way i would have my stock off my bike so i can send it to hawk when i get the money. then now down time.