View Full Version : Pro Series Plugs and High Performance Oil Pump Gear Drive

06-20-2007, 05:14 AM
Anyone running Pro Series or Platinum plugs and/or the High performance oil pump gear drive?[mad]

06-20-2007, 05:31 AM
All I have seen with the platinum plugs is problems going through the shop here. As far as with the oil pump drive gear, I asked a rep about what it actually does with your pump and everything. Supposedly it slows you pump down by changing the pitch of the gear. I never got into more than that. What I got from it I am not sure exactly how it works and never heard of anyone running it.

06-21-2007, 07:44 PM
Platinum plugs will normally last longer due to the metal density. The finer (thinner) electrode targets the spark for a "hotter" spark by concentrating all energy in a smaller space. This can also work against you if the air/fuel mixture is off, as it may "contaminate" the spark landing zone. Overall, platinum is a better choice for longevity and performance if the bike is in a good state of tune. I have used them for years with very good results. Platinum is also less susceptible to fouling than standard plugs. You won’t notice an increase in horsepower or faster starts by using them. If you do notice a difference, there was a problem to begin with. Compare them to standard plugs after 5,000 miles in the same engine and you will notice a difference in wear. If you change plugs frequently, you’ll never notice a difference in performance or wear. Regardless of which plug you use, always index them for best performance. Also, as with any spark plug, if you drop it, don’t use it.

The “Pro-Series” oil pump gear is the same diameter, pitch, and overall size as the standard gear. It has different metallurgical properties – period. Same oil pump speed and fitment. It was designed for the Ulysses and its off-road capability as well as the race team engines. The metal density was changed due to the potential load stresses caused by drivetrain shock (i.e., running 50 mph and having the rear wheel get airborne, revving the engine, and landing – which can easily break transmission components or even crankshafts). Your daily driver is not subjected to these forces, so the investment is not really needed. There isn’t a problem with the “standard” XB gear and there is no significant benefit to installing it.