View Full Version : 01 Blast primary bearing help

03-27-2017, 08:58 PM
Hello, I took of my primary cover a year ago to change my shoe and tensioner guide. I have the manual but after i put everything back together I have 2 small steel bearing left over. they are about a half in long and maybe a 1/4 in diameter. I think they may go somewhere on the clutch shaft. Can anyone help me?

Also I put it back together without them and started it up there was definitely a ping or rocky noise so i think they are needed somewhere.

any ideas, and thanks in advance

03-27-2017, 10:25 PM
Are they the locating dowels the go in the case to locate the cover to the case?

03-27-2017, 11:49 PM
It could be, heres a picture 6845

03-28-2017, 12:09 AM
I looked it up, and i believe you are right, do you think they are necessary as i have the cover back on. There is a decently loud thumping pinging sound. Do you think it is the tensioner? And do u have any tips on adjusting it at the clutch. Thank you

03-28-2017, 12:11 AM
*It and the clutch